Pediatrician Who Gives Free Ultrasounds to Abortion-Minded Women Called “Cruel, Inhumane” By Feminists


There are far too few people in the global pro-life movement who have the boldness and the means to put their money where their mouth is in rescuing the unborn. 

A pediatrician in Spain was blessed with both and is able to dedicate valuable time and resources to helping mothers and saving their babies with a mobile prenatal ultrasound station.

Dr. Gádor Joya, who also serves in the Madrid city assembly under the center-right Vox party, serves abortion-minded mothers in her city with free ultrasound images of their children as part of the “Life Ambulance Project.” 

“Precisely because I have been doing this, I know what has been hidden from these women,” Joya said, according to Spanish newspaper El País. “Most of them, when they receive the information and hear the heartbeat, decide to go forward with their pregnancies.”

“What I am proudest of as a doctor is having helped many women to become mothers when they were on the point of aborting,” she wrote in a tweet last week (translated from Spanish). “Yes, I have worked for a project aimed at defending the right to life and dignity of all human beings. And I will continue doing it wherever I am.”

In a 2016 promotional video (also in Spanish) for the Life Ambulance Project, Dr. Gádor reported that more than 300 babies are murdered in abortion clinics each day in Spain. In the video, pro-life gynecologist Dr. Sonsoles Alonso adds, “First, we try to humanize the child they have inside. Second, we get them to understand that once they pass through the doors of [abortion provider] Dator, they will be ending the life within them and its heartbeat.”

In Spain, not unlike America, local governments and pro-abortion advocates tend to use a totalitarian approach to silence pro-life thought and action. In September, LifeSite News reports, a horde of groups and nonprofits formed the questionably-named “Pro-Rights Platform” to demand that any ministry or assistance to women outside clinics be made a crime. Thankfully, these bloodthirsty despots have yet to achieve that goal, and ministry like Joya’s remains legal—for now.

Legal protections for unborn babies are already nearly nonexistent in Spain. The murder of pre-born children became legal in the country in 1985 and, since 2010, abortion has been available on demand at any point in the first trimester. Girls under 18 are even able to have an abortion with parental consent. Madrid’s Dator Clinic was the first authorized abortion clinic in the nation, and it’s where Joya now spends much of her time doing her part to chip away at that heart-breaking statistic of 300 babies each day.

Of course, the literally lifesaving care Dr. Joya is giving women each day has earned her the honor of being deemed “cruel” and “inhumane” by feminist leftists in the capital.

Spanish feminist Cecilia Gomez called Dr. Joya’s work with the Life Ambulance “immoral,” according to The Independent. “This is purely just an attempt to intimidate [women] into not having an abortion. Their tactics are cruel and inhumane. They might think abortion is inhumane but what they are putting those women through — stuffing them into the van — is inhumane.”

Somehow I doubt that women on the streets of Madrid are being clubbed over the head and “stuffed” into the Life Ambulance against their will, but hey, that’s pro-abort logic for you. Words can mean whatever they choose in any given context as long as it has the desired effect of painting pro-life advocates as the ones really doing harm.

“They want to take us back into a time when women did not have a choice about abortions,” Gomez added, clearly failing to realize that no one should have a “choice” over the life or death of another human being.

According to LifeSite, Dr. Joya has her share of opponents within the Madrid assembly as well. Mónica García, who represents the leftist Más Madrid party on the city assembly said in a committee hearing, “What we could not have imagined is that there would be people performing ultrasounds on the street. It’s extremely serious.” 

García, shocked at Joya’s benevolence and questioning what possible motive she could have, asked, “To dissuade or to torture them? Because [Joya] says that many women decide not to have an abortion when they hear the heartbeat. How many women is that? And what happens to them? What is the psychological and emotional cost for these women?”

In video shared on Twitter, Joya showed exactly the “emotional cost” for women who decide against killing their children after visiting her ambulance. A young woman who saw her baby in one of the Life Ambulance’s ultrasounds years ago thanked Joya, pleading with other mothers to let their babies live.

Standing in front of the truck, the young woman said that “no woman wants” an abortion and called on the Spanish government to help women like her. Now, she has a precious three-year-old little boy and is eternally grateful she was convinced to spare his life.

Praise God for people like Dr. Joya who are able to sacrifice their valuable time and resources in this fight! The time to invest in our own comfort while babies are being slaughtered is over.

Let Dr. Joya be an example to you. Like her, God has given us each resources, gifts, and talents. Each of us can do something, and more babies will die if we continue to do nothing.


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