Penn State Exchange Student Wants Death of Americans, School Says No Threat to Campus


Liberals who are desperate to pander to the Muslim population — a demographic they desperately want on their side as it’s exploding in America, which means more votes for the party — have tried to beat it into our heads that Islam is a religion of peace.

Unfortunately, huge swaths of evidence are seeming to point in the exact opposite direction with hostility, horrific violence, and a thirst for world domination being woven deep into the religion’s founding and expansion, attitudes that are alive and well today.

In fact, a Kuwaiti exchange student attending Penn State is a prime example of the attitude that seems to undergird much of Islam and how it feels about America.

Hussain Altarakmah was super excited about the ISIS attack in New York last month, so much so that he messaged journalist Laura Loomer to share how pleased he was with the incident and wished for more violence against Americans to occur.

Citizen journalist Kelli Michelle has more details:

A Penn State exchange student from Kuwait has been making pro Islamic terror comments on social media. Last month Hussain Altarakmah messaged journalist Laura Loomer, celebrating the ISIS attack in NYC. In Hussain’s messages he told Laura disturbing things like, “9/11 didn’t kill enough of you f**kers,” “Death to America” and “I hope Iran nukes your country.”

Loomer contacted Pen State and the police, but it seems as if nothing has been done. The school and police department both issued statements claiming that there is no threat to the campus at this time. Ummm, wtf? The guy wished death on Americans and he’s not a threat? He has pro Islamic crap all over his social media, but not a threat? He also posted a photo of Leila Khaled, a Palestinian terrorist who was involved in 2 plane hijackings. Not a threat? According to POL, Hussain even poses as Bin Laden. But you know, he’s not a threat. *Eye roll*

One would think that all of this hate for America would not only get him expelled, but also deported. But apparently the school and authorities would rather protect the terrorist instead of doing what’s right, which would be protecting innocent students!

Laura has also received messages from both students and staff who are scared that Hussain might be a legitimate threat to their safety, believing that he thinks American lives contain no value.

This is what happens when your worldview is twisted and warped by a false god, rather than the God of the Bible who says all human life is precious because all human life is made in His own image. Without a proper view of God, your view of humanity and life in general becomes dangerously distorted.

A protest is scheduled to be held on December 12, 2017 — which is the day this is being written — to try putting pressure on the school to give Hussain the boot back home.

What’s more disturbing than anything is how this young man can simply get away with the threatening language he’s using with zero consequences. Why he’s still here is absolutely a mystery.

Check out the following Twitter exchange:

Loomer goes on to talk about how Altarakmah made his resume appear “Americanized” and that if the school did not take action to remove him as a student, she would personally contact the donor list and inform them of the inaction of the school concerning this student.

A petition has been started to demand Penn State remove Altarakmah from the school and boot him back home. You can sign this petition here.

When someone is an exchange student, they are brought here in good faith to study abroad in order to learn more about our culture and come to appreciate its differences and similarities to their own home country. It’s supposed to encourage “tolerance,” not further divide people.

Does that at all seem like what Hussain is doing? No. And if you desire the death of Americans, you have absolutely no right to remain in this country. It’s time to boot the young man back home.

This is a matter of national security, not a simple misunderstanding about his twisted beliefs. The liberal desire to pander to groups they wrongfully believe are “marginalized” is putting people’s lives in danger and is something that needs to stop before another 9/11 happens.