Pennsylvania Worshippers Gathered at Walmart as Church Remained Closed In Viral Video


A group of Christians in Pennsylvania filled the aisles of their local Walmart store with praise and worship amid ongoing church closures in the Democrat-led state.

Although the video of the gathering in North Versailles was taken in June, the images of worshipers gathering and singing praises to God in the store continue to grip hearts and go viral. Since then, it has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

The video was first shared on Facebook by Nancy Halford, who reportedly works at the North Versailles Walmart, according to the Post Millennial.

The video shows men and women gathered to sing worship songs such as “Our God Is Greater,” “Waymaker,” “Great Are You, Lord,” and “We Worship You.”


Posted by Nancy Halford on Wednesday, June 10, 2020


The Post Millennial reports that Halford works at the store and dropped what she was doing when the congregation began singing.

Customers appear to join in the singing as well until the store is echoing with sounds of praise.

Although Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf asked religious leaders in that state to consider “alternate forms of worship” to help mitigate the coronavirus pandemic, he was careful never to place official restrictions on churches that would violate the First Amendment.

Many churches across the nation voluntarily closed their doors, all while shoppers pack the aisles of Walmart or protesters gather in the streets.

The Body of Christ, however, is more than just a building.

“In more than 2000 years the church has faced and survived many adversities, including two world wars, The Spanish Flu and The Great Plague,” said Franky Rodriguez, pastor of Philadelphia’s CDA Community Church at the time of Wolf’s guidance to churches. “The church is not going to go away because we the people of God are the church! In times of trouble the Church gets closer, not further apart.”

“This is not a physical closeness, it’s a spiritual one,” Rodriguez declared. “Although we will not be in the same physical location, we have the technology to share the word of God. This Easter the Church is still united like every other Easter, with thanksgiving, prayer, and supplication for the inhabitants of the world. So, let’s be responsible and be together, apart.”

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