Pennsylvania’s First Female Muslim State Rep. Resigns In Shame Amid Embezzlement Charges


Until this month, Movita Johnson-Harrell proudly stood as the first Muslim woman to be elected to the Pennsylvania state legislature.

Any legacy she may have had as such, however, was decimated after the she plead guilty to charges of perjury, record-tampering, and embezzling over $500,000 in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security disability funds, and donations to a nonprofit facility she established to allegedly serve low-income, mentally ill, and drug-addicted people in her predominantly black district.

Interestingly enough, Johnson-Harrell was elected on March 12, 2019 during a special election held after her predecessor and fellow Democrat Vanessa Lowery Brown resigned in shame due to her own conviction on corruption and bribery charges.

In a press conference earlier this month, Attorney General Josh Shapiro described Johnson-Harrell’s “brazen corruption,” revealing that “her theft knew no bounds.” Johnson-Harrell had made an extensive career out of embezzling funds that personally belonged to the residents of her facilities and used the money to purchase fox furs and trips to Mexico, to make payments on a Porsche, to pay delinquent utility bills, to cover her granddaughter’s private school tuition, and even to fund her political campaign.

Her nonprofit, Motivations Education and Consultation Associates (MECA), was abruptly closed back in 2018 after investigators responding to a complaint found no staff on duty and the facility’s nine residents living in unsanitary conditions. According to Shapiro, however, Johnson-Harrell continued collecting their rent from MECA even though the facility had long since closed.

During her short stint in office, Johnson-Harrell seemed to spend the bulk of her time fundraising and advocating for the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Two months into her term, Johnson-Harrell flew to Washington State to stand with anti-Israel BDS-supporter Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at a CAIR fundraiser with the theme, “Muslim Power for 2020 & Beyond.”

Two months after that, Johnson-Harrell made an appearance at the Muslim Ummah of North America convention in Philadelphia over the July 4 weekend, where she shared the stage with several Islamist extremists plotting to grow their political influence in America. Johnson-Harrell chimed in, calling on Muslims to “occupy every space of this world.”

In November of 2019, Johnson-Harrell spoke at two more CAIR events, including its national banquet. In L.A. she was joined by fellow Philadelphian and BDS-supporter Marc Lamont Hill and congratulated him for receiving CAIR’s “courage under fire” award. Referring to her election to the legislature, Johnson-Harrell said:

I got here by divine intervention, I’m going to leave by divine intervention. I have been obedient to Allah.

Johnson-Harrell’s words clearly have not aged well.

Unsurprisingly, CAIR Philadelphia, who applauded Johnson-Harrell’s election, has been completely silent in the weeks following her resignation.

Although Johnson-Harrell’s Instagram is now private, LifeSite reports that she acknowledged her situation, saying, “Allah v Akbar” (Allah is greater). Rather than apologize or express remorse for her actions, Johnson-Harrell painted herself as a martyr, saying, “My life is one of service. If I have to suffer persecution to save one from the grave then God’s will, not mine be done.”

Clearly, Johnson-Harrell knows nothing of true persecution. Were she to have her way and live in a nation under Sharia law, her treatment as a thief wouldn’t be quite so civil.

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