Pete Buttigieg Declares That Pro-Lifers Are Not Welcome In The Democratic Party


Believe it or not, pro-life Democrats exist, and one of them just confronted abortion-loving Pete Buttigieg over the party’s increasing hostility and exclusivity toward this rare breed of liberal.

At a Fox News town hall over the weekend, the former South Bend, Indiana mayor expressed that opposition to abortion is incompatible with Democrat values implying that pro-lifers are not welcome in the party.

Kristen Day, leader of Democrats for Life, asked Buttigieg at the Sunday night event whether he wanted the support of “people like [her].”

“I’m not going to try to earn your vote by tricking you. I am pro-choice, and I believe that a woman ought to be able to make that decision,” Buttigieg said, prompting applause from the audience.

“The best I can offer is that if we can’t agree on where to draw the line, the next best thing we can do is agree on who should draw the line, and in my view, it’s the woman who’s faced with that decision in her own life,” he stated.

Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Day whether she was satisfied with the candidate’s response.

Unsurprisingly, Day was not, noting the Democratic platform “contains language that basically says, ‘we don’t belong, we have no part in the party because it says abortion should be legal up to nine months, the government should pay for it.'”

Buttigieg also refused to say whether he would be open to changing such language to be more inclusive of pro-life members of the party.

Watch the confrontation below:

Buttigieg responded, saying he supports “the position of my party — that this kind of medical care needs to be available to everyone, and I support the Roe v. Wade framework that holds that early in pregnancy there are very few restrictions and late in pregnancy there are very few exceptions.”

“I’m not going to try to earn your vote by tricking you,” he said. “And so I may have my views, but I cannot imagine that a decision that a woman confronts is going to ever be better, medically or morally, because it’s being dictated by any government official.”

Townhall editor Katie Pavlich first broke the news on Twitter, stating that  “Pete Buttigieg just told a pro-life, Democrat *woman* she has no place in today’s Democrat Party.”

“All she asked for was a recognition there is diversity of thought on the issue and that it be put in the platform language. He said no and told her to deal with it,” Pavlich wrote.

On the group’s “Open The Big Tent” campaign website, Pro-Life Democrats responded to Buttigieg’s statements:

The Democratic Party believes in the inherent dignity of all people regardless of age, race, religion, sexuality, or usefulness.

This intrinsic human worth is undermined by any act of violence to which pro-life Democrats are opposed, including euthanasia, assisted suicide, capital punishment, embryonic stem-cell research, poverty, genocide, and all other injustices that directly and indirectly threaten human life.

We call on the Democratic Party to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of all human beings and to work together to protect life at all its stages, including the prenatal child.

We call on the Democratic Party to accept the proper role of government in passing laws that balance the interests of the pregnant woman with the interests of the prenatal child.

We call on the Democratic Party to provide more support to pregnant women and families so all women will have a real choice in bearing children and all prenatal children will be welcome in our society.

We reject the use of a single-issue “litmus test” to exclude pro-life Democrats from the Democratic Party, which otherwise shares common ground with us on the expansion of human rights.

We are asking the presidential candidates for the same respect in return.

While we stand diametrically opposed to Democrats on virtually every other issue of liberty, we applaud Democrats For Life for taking a stand against their own party on this crucial human rights issue that transcends party lines.

If you appreciate the work we are doing to fight the leftist assault on our values, please consider a small donation to help us continue. Thank you so much!