PETITION: Say NO to “Family-Friendly” Drag Shows


We here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries have been sounding the alarm about Drag Queen Story Hour events for years — but even we have been stunned by the growing popularity of “family-friendly” drag events this year, some of which have taken place in bars and involve children giving money to provocative drag performers.

Is nothing sacred?

Over the last few weeks as “pride month” is celebrated by major corporations and taxpayer-funded entities alike, suddenly the idea of “family-friendly” drag is everywhere, from nightclubs to the Smithsonian and beyond.

In Dallas, Texas, small children gave tips to drag performers clad in thongs during a “Drag Your Kids to Pride” event at an LGBT bar where dancers wiggled around underneath a sign that read “It’s not gonna lick itself.”


Just ask yourself: if a woman danced around seductively in a bar while small children handed her dollar bills, would anyone have defended such a thing?

Meanwhile, the Smithsonian, a taxpayer-funded institution, held a family “pride” event which featured “age-appropriate” performances from local drag “artists.”

In New York City, drag performers have been in receipt of tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds to send “artists” to public schools to read books, perform, and even teach kids how to do drag makeup.

And in San Francisco, middle schoolers were treated to a drag performance by a performer whose name, too indecent to print here, was inspired by a slang term for sperm!

What on earth is happening to our country? How can anyone think any of this is OK? Whatever happened to childhood?

Here at EJM, we love all people — but we do not love all ideas. Some ideas are simply wrong, and the idea that there can be such a thing as “family-friendly drag” is absolutely one of them.

This is why we created our petition Say NO to Family Friendly Drag, and why concerned parents and citizens everywhere must SIGN.

PETITION: Say NO to “Family-Friendly” Drag Shows

Are we seriously willing to see where this country is headed if we do not raise our voices and stand up for innocence, childhood, and basic decency?

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