Sunday, September 25, 2022

Petition: Say NO to “Family-Friendly” Drag Shows

You would think that it wouldn’t need to be said that drag shows are no place for children — but in June 2022, apparently it does. Since Drag Queen Story Hour events started several years ago, we have now seen a sudden explosion in “family-friendly” drag shows in bars where children are encouraged to throw money at the provocative, sexualized performers!

Sign our petition to say NO to “family-friendly” drag shows

We believe that drag shows are completely inappropriate for young children and stand with lawmakers and pundits who are calling for a ban on such events. Our children deserve to have their innocence protected and do not deserve to be used as props in the ideological quest to normalize alternative sexual lifestyles. There is NO SUCH THING as “family-friendly” and “child-friendly” drag shows — so let’s put an end to them once and for all!

Petition: Stand in Solidarity with the Unborn

The outcry over the possibility that Roe v Wade could be overturned has made it clearer than ever that unborn lives are under attack in this country. Several states have codified the “right to abortion” in their state law even if the 1973 Supreme Court decision is overruled. It is time to stand in solidarity with the unborn, for their precious right to life and for the rights of all Americans. We believe that every human being is created equal by God and has a right to life. Too many precious unborn lives have been taken in government-sanctioned abortion and it is time for the killing to stop. We stand in solidarity with the unborn and call for an end to abortion in the United States.