Friday, August 7, 2020


Petition on Puberty-Blocking Drugs

Sign the petition to request that lawmakers ban puberty-blocking drugs in minor patients who suffer from gender dysphoria. Help stop this disturbing trend in our culture!

Current Signatures: 437

Super Bowl Halftime Show Petition

Sign the petition to let the Federal Communications Commission know that the Super Bowl LIV’s Half Time Show was an over-the-top display of sexualization and objectification.

Current Signatures: 3090

Petition to Netflix

Sign our petition and demand Netflix remove “Gay Jesus” Christmas special! Let’s petition Netflix to listen to the voices of reason and decency.

Current Signatures: 1529

Petition to Delta

Sign our petition and let Delta know they need to use versions of movies in which anything inappropriate for children, including LGBT sex scenes, is censored.

Current Signatures: 1305

Petition to Hallmark

Sign our petition and let Hallmark know that we have had ENOUGH of the LGBT pandering and demand that they stick to their family-friendly content.

Current Signatures: 22713