Phoenix Abortionist Arrested For Pointing A Gun At Pro-Life Protesters


Abortion is murder. Therefore, we shouldn’t be too surprised at the atrocious words and deeds that come from its proponents and practitioners. 

Nonetheless, to learn that a Pheonix-based abortionist has been accused of pointing a gun at Christian pro-life activists still makes one’s jaw drop. 

According to shocking bodycam footage released by Apologia Studios, the media ministry of Phoenix-based Apologia Church, the abortionist in question, Dr. Ronald Yunis, pointed a handgun at Elvis Kesto, one of the protesters, from inside his vehicle on his way out of the Acacia Women’s Center.


Help Us: Abortionist Pulls Gun on Minister

Help Us: Abortionist Pulls Gun on MinisterWe need your help. A Phoenix abortion doctor, Dr. Ronald Yunis, pulled out his gun and pointed this deadly weapon at Elvis Kesto (a man who has saved many children). The Phoenix Police Department did not respond to the witnesses and to the video after a week of the report. They were called again. They still won't. You are now a witness to the crime. Please, join us in contacting the #PhoenixPolice and demanding the arrest of Ronald Yunis. This is a serious injustice that needs to be addressed. You can help us. Help us to get this video to every major media platform. Share this. Help us to expose this man and the inaction and injustice of the Phoenix Police Department. Use the hashtag #ArrestYunis

Posted by Apologia Studios on Friday, October 18, 2019

As if this weren’t insane enough, Apologia also reports that their requests for the Phoenix Police Department to investigate the incident went unanswered for a full week. 

The video, posted on YouTube and social media on October 10th, urged viewers to contact the Phoenix Police Department to demand action be taken against Dr. Yunis, but it wasn’t until the 17th that officers even approached Yunis for questioning.

“We’re asking the police dept to do their duty,” said Apologia pastor Jeff Durbin. “The same thing they would do if I had pulled a weapon on an abortionist, they would have me in handcuffs, we’re asking the police to come and put this man in handcuffs.”

“…We have the footage itself and the footage speaks for itself,” Durbin continued. “If any of the pro-life ministers out here had pulled a weapon on the abortionist last week, I don’t think it would be a matter of maybe a couple of hours before action was taken to put one of us in handcuffs, rightly so.”

“I have to go off the evidence that I have, and right now there’s not enough evidence to make an arrest,” an officer told Kesto after questioning Dr. Yunis inside the clinic and explaining to him that they would not arrest Dr. Yunis that day in spite of the fact that two witnesses saw him brandish his weapon and it was recorded on video.

When Kesto asked the officer what more evidence he could possibly need, the response was, “I can’t conclusively say that’s a gun.” 

The officer proceeded to tell Kesto that he could not consider the statements of the witnesses with him because they were protesting alongside him. To top it all off, the officer stated that Dr. Yunis simply told him he never brings weapons to his workplace as if that somehow offered a satisfactory exoneration. Insane!!

As an off-duty officer pointed out to Kesto later on in the video, even if Dr. Yunis was holding a toy gun, the law prevents him from doing so if he had done so with the intent to threaten or intimidate Kesto.

After Apologia’s video was viewed nearly 100,000 times, the Phoenix Police Department (PPD) was inundated with calls in just a matter of hours to do their jobs. PPD finally issued a public statement that there was probable cause to arrest Dr. Yunis for aggravated assault:

Of course, the PPD’s statement contradicts that of Apologia and, in an email to Faithwire, Detective Luis Samudio states that their framing of the timeline is “not accurate.”

Here’s what Pastor Durbin has to say about that:

Update! He's being arrested!

Posted by Apologia Studios on Friday, October 18, 2019

While we can be thankful that a clearly dangerous individual is being held accountable for his actions —for now—we must pray that the courts in Phoenix hold the rule of law in higher regard than the officers who shielded Yunis from punishment for his actions.

People, this is the culture of death. This is what we are up against. The dividing line separating the rationale for killing unborn children and that of killing ideological opponents is nearly non-existent now, apparently. 

That’s the dark truth that boots-on-the-ground abortion outreach ministries seek to illuminate with the Gospel.

Let’s lift up the brave churches, families, and individuals ministering to clinic workers and vulnerable, abortion-minded women. Pray that the Lord would keep His hand over them, protect them, and use the power of his Gospel to save babies and souls!

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