Phoenix Man Accused Of Spying On Woman In Airport Restroom

A 21-year-old man from Phoenix stands accused of spying on a woman in a Sky Harbor Airport restroom.


According to ABC15, on August 3 a woman entered the bathroom and allegedly noticed Jose Trevizo – who was recently hired to work at Sky Harbor Airport by a third party custodian service – on his hands and knees peering underneath a stall.

The woman reportedly confronted Trevizo, who told her he was merely cleaning. However, the young man was reportedly not carrying any cleaning supplies with him at the time and there was no sign on the door of the restroom indicating it was being cleaned by a man.

After allegedly being caught spying, Trevizo reportedly told his manager he was “feeling anxiety” and promptly left.

ABC15 reports that the witness identified Trevizo from a photograph and the man was arrested on August 11.

He is currently facing a charge of surreptitious viewing and is being held without bond due to the fact that he was out on release for a prior arrest at the time.

Unfortunately, behavior like that which Trevizo stands accused of would arguably become a regular occurrence should liberals have their way and see transgender bathroom and locker room policies adopted around the country.

Breitbart has actually compiled an entire list of stories detailing how men have taken advantage of transgender policies in North America to spy on women in public bathrooms.

In one instance, a Virginia man dressed as a woman was arrested for spying on women in shopping mall bathrooms three times.

In another case, a Toronto man was caught pretending to be transgender so he could take advantage of “progressive” bathroom laws to spy on women in shelter bathrooms.

Still, despite the obvious fact that transgender bathroom policies only make it easier for perverts to spy on women, Texas’s Speaker of the House actually shot down a bill this week intended to keep men out of women’s bathrooms.

Joe Straus, a so-called-Republican, didn’t even let his colleagues vote on the matter; he just closed the Special Session concerning it abruptly.

Learn more about that situation – and how you can help – here.