Phoenix Suns Coach Preaches Service Through Christ In Post-Game Interview


After leading his team to the NBA Finals, Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams gave the glory to Jesus in a post-game ESPN interview after an epic win.

“How have you found the sweet spot, of being all of the things a man wants to be – a mentor, a leader, and a task master when you have to be. How has that balance been achieved?” SportsCenter interviewer Scott Van Pelt asked the victorious coach.

“The essence of my coaching is to serve,” Williams declared. “As a believer in Christ, that’s what I’m here for. And I tell them all the time, if I get on you, I’m not calling you out I’m calling you up. You have potential, and I have to work my tail off to help you reach that potential.”

“Guys have embraced that,” Williams said of his approach to leadership. “They understand, if I’m direct or black and white with them it’s not to make them feel bad. I want them to get paid, I want them to win, I want their families to enjoy it. It’s served us well.”

This isn’t the first time Williams has lifted the name of Jesus in the public square, although it is under much more joyous circumstances.

Back in 2016, Williams’ wife of more than 20 years, lost her life in a tragic accident. According to The Oklahoman, 44-year-old Ingrid Williams was hit head-on by an intoxicated driver who swerved over the median and into Williams’ lane.

Williams delivered a eulogy for Ingrid, urging listeners to remember “what’s important” in life: the Gospel.

“Psalm 73:1 says God is good,” Williams said at the time. “1 John 4:16 says, God is love. During times like these it’s easy to forget that…because what we’ve gone through is pretty tough, and it’s hard, and we want an answer. But we don’t always get that answer when we want it. And we can’t lose sight of the fact that God loves us.”



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