Pizza Hut Faces Boycott After Promoting “Drag Kids” Book As Part of Reading Program

Photo by Aaron F. Stone Some Rights Reserved4

Pizza chain Pizza Hut is facing a boycott after promoting a book about a little boy who dresses in drag as part of its reading incentive program for young customers.

The book “Big Wig” was listed as part of the chain’s Camp BOOK It! program which awards children a free one-topping pizza for meeting a monthly reading goal.

The book was featured in an email sent out to participants by Pizza Hut, as revealed by the Twitter account Libs of TikTok:

Breitbart News reported that the summer reading program also featured two other LGBT-themed books, including one by Desmond Napoles, a well-known child drag artist who notoriously once danced for a room full of adults who threw money at him when he was just 11.

“Pizza Hut has gone full woke, now we must make them full broke,” conservative activist Brigitte Gabriel wrote on Twitter.

“Pizza Hut is woke pizza, order local instead!” she wrote in a subsequent tweet.

“So aside from terrible pizza we have another reason to never walk into Pizza Hut again,” one Twitter user noted under Libs of TikTok’s original post.

“So aside from terrible pizza we have another reason to never walk into Pizza Hut again,” another vowed.

Author Nick Adams chimed in, also calling for a boycott of Pizza Hut over the controversial children’s literature.

“What they’re doing with this children’s book club in trying to entice kids to be able to earn a free pizza by listing a book about drag queens that is just beyond the pale. Absolutely disgusting,” he wrote.

“It is pandering to the extraordinary and extreme left that are hell-bent on destroying our culture and our society and our country.”

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