Planned Parenthood Announces New Members of Clergy Advisory Board Who Support “Reproductive Rights As a Matter of Faith”


The largest abortion provider in the United States, Planned Parenthood, has announced a Clergy Advisory Board that mostly come from red and/or Southern states.

Officials of the abortion giant say the new iteration of the already-existing board comes as a “wave of lawmakers,” like radically pro-abortion Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, who is also a minister,” have begun to “proudly champion reproductive rights as a matter of faith.”

“Access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care — including abortion — is supported by people of all faiths,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of the for-profit abortion provider, according to Religion News Service.

“The Clergy Advocacy Board is a crucial part of our mission at Planned Parenthood to promote, protect and expand access to health care for all … Planned Parenthood is proud to have religious leaders of all faiths standing with us in this fight,” she added.

New names on the board include Rev. Emily Harden of West Virginia, Rabbi Sarah Smiley of Kansas, the Rev. Katey Zeh of North Carolina, the Rev. Rebecca Todd Peters of North Carolina, the Rev. Elle Dowd of Illinois, the Rev. Elise Saulsberry of Tennessee, the Rev. Latishia James-Portis of Georgia and the Rev. Stephen Griffith of Nebraska, according to RNS.

Zeh told RNS in a phone interview that “as a clergyperson” who discovered her “call to ministry” at a Planned Parenthood, joining the advisory board was a “no-brainer.”

It was volunteering as an “abortion doula” while in seminary that brought about this call, it seems.

“There are so few of us who are people of faith who are willing to be bold and audacious about supporting reproductive freedom because of our faith,” she said.

Senator Warnock, who identifies as a “pro-choice pastor,” successfully unseated the Catholic GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler in a run-off election in January to represent the state of Georgia.

At the time, he was criticized by pro-life Republicans including Loeffler, who said she was not going to be lectured by someone who uses the Bible to justify abortion” during a debate and then-U.S. Rep. for Georgia, Doug Collins, who said no such thing as a pro-choice pastor” and telling Warnock “What you have is a lie from the bed of hell.”

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