Planned Parenthood Locations Across Ohio Receive Notice: No More Funding


The Roe v. Wade ruling is treated like many on the left as Gospel truth, but it remains an unconstitutional ruling that has led to the death of millions upon millions of unborn children in the decades since.

Let us be clear, however: nothing beyond a full, nation-wide ban on abortion is truly moral.

The abortion mill Planned Parenthood has been profiting off the deaths of unborn babies for decades and is, sickeningly, the recipient of both state and federal funding.

In Ohio, however, just as the Trump administration deals serious blows to abortion funding, they will no longer be receiving state funding, either.

Just let it sink in that this for-profit business that performs legalized infanticide under the protection of an immoral government has also been receiving funding from the government. At least, in Ohio, that is no longer the case.


Planned Parenthood locations across Ohio on Thursday received notice from the Ohio Department of Health that their state funding will end next month.

The notice comes following a federal appeals court ruling this month that upheld a 2016 Ohio law forbidding the state from sending preventive health funding to any organization, or affiliate of an organization, that “performs or promotes” non-therapeutic abortions. The law was signed by former Gov. John Kasich.

The letter from ODH, which was dated March 21, informs the organization’s 26 locations that as of April 20, they will no longer receive funding for a wide variety of programs formerly supported by the state. Last year, ODH gave about $600,000 in grants to Planned Parenthood, according to a spokesman for the department.

While we can certainly celebrate news like this, the fact that the state prohibits funding to go to Planned Parenthood and yet continues to allow them to operate simply serves to underscore the fact that they recognize the heinous act of abortion and simply don’t want to send funds that way.

This is why we are calling the nation to repentance. We know the sin of abortion is grievous and the blood of millions of American children is on our hands.

Please join us in Richmond, VA this coming weekend, April 6th, to fall on our faces before the Lord and ask Him to save our nation from the unspeakable evil of institutionalized, legalized abortion.


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