Planned Parenthood Partner Makes Stunning Admission At Center for Medical Progress Hearing


Abortion is murder. It’s that simple. There is no wiggle room, no exceptions, no justifications that make it anything other than murder. Tragically, the abortion industry isn’t just in the business of killing unborn babies, they also sell baby parts after intact abortions are completed. That means after babies are successfully aborted in one piece, their organs and other body parts are harvested and sold for profit.

As if we needed another reason to abhor Planned Parenthood, they continue to prove just how depraved and wicked the abortion industry and its political advocates really are.

In a series of undercover videos made by the Center for Medical Progress in 2016, numerous Planned Parenthood employees were caught discussing the disturbing reality of what actually happens to the bodies of babies after they are aborted. These videos are not for the faint of heart, but everyone needs to see them and face the hideous truth about Planned Parenthood.

In the videos, Planned Parenthood employees are caught talking about things like how to best “crush” an unborn baby so as to maintain the integrity of its internal organs, negotiations for the best prices on baby parts, taking baby parts without the consent of the mother, and harvesting organs from babies whose hearts were still beating after being delivered. The employees even admit to breaking federal law with the selling and trading of baby parts.

There are no words to adequately describe this evil.

While many liberal politicians and the sycophantic mainstream media have all attempted to discredit the videos by claiming they are inaccurate and deceptively edited, they have in fact been proven to be authentic by independent forensic investigations

This is Planned Parenthood and this is the gruesome reality of abortion.

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood enjoys protection from liberal politicians like California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and Kamala Harris, who both receive massive campaign donations from Planned Parenthood. The undercover journalists responsible for making the videos, David Daleidan and Sandra Merritt, are currently facing 15 felony charges for invasion of privacy. 

It almost seems too unbelievable to be real but preliminary hearings began last week in California. Life News reports:

The preliminary hearing for undercover journalist David Daleiden began last week in California. Daleiden and Sandra Merritt face 15 felony charges for invasion of privacy because they exposed Planned Parenthood’s allegedly illegal sales of aborted baby body parts. Tuesday began a nine-day preliminary hearing about whether the case should go to trial, Courthouse News reports. Earlier in the hearing, a witness for the abortion industry admitted that the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) videos were “not altered.”

During the hearings, several witnesses from Planned Parenthood gave testimony in reference to the videos. Witnesses Doe 9 and Doe 12 were reportedly difficult and uncooperative at the hearing as they refused to answer some questions and danced around others, but their sworn written testimonies gave credibility to the videos and proved that Planned Parenthood is knowingly guilty of the aforementioned atrocities. 

 Life News reports (emphasis ours):

Both she [Doe 9] and a second witness, Doe 12 of the biotech company StemExpress, appeared “determined to avoid answering difficult and incriminating questions,” but their sworn testimonies “verified and vindicated” the undercover findings, according to the investigative group.

Doe 9 reportedly tried to avoid answering any questions Friday about harvesting the brains of aborted babies to possibly sell to researchers. In one undercover video, she described how Planned Parenthood abortionists have been “pretty successful” in harvesting intact brains from aborted babies by flipping the unborn baby into a breech position, which sounds a lot like an illegal partial-birth abortion.

“In her sworn testimony, Doe 12 admitted that when a fetal brain is able to be harvested, it is because the baby’s head may still be attached to the body after being pulled out of the womb,” according to the Center for Medical Progress’s report from the hearing.  “When confronted with her statements on [the] undercover video about shipping ‘intact cases,’ she also did not deny that StemExpress harvests and transfers unborn children from completely intact abortions.”

The Center for Medical Progress should be applauded as the heroes that they are for exposing this evil which is being corroborated by the court’s witnesses. Instead, they are being dragged through the judicial system in a desperate attempt to protect Planned Parenthood by discrediting the videos and ensuring they can’t be used as evidence against the infanticide giant. It’s absolutely deplorable.

Not only are these innocent babies being murdered in the womb before they even get a chance at life, but their precious little bodies are also being mutilated, abused, and sold. It’s difficult to understand what the state of one’s soul must be to be able to participate in the abuse of such innocent, defenseless babies.  

God will surely judge America for this wickedness.


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