Planned Parenthood Receives Another $10m in PPP Funds Under Biden Admin Right Before Depleted Program Closes


A New York Planned Parenthood affiliate has just received $10 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds—right before the depleted pandemic-related assistance program intended to help small businesses was closed by President Joe Biden’s administration.

According to Live Action, an organization called Concerned Women for America discovered the massive payment to Planned Parenthood of Greater New York a day after the program was shuttered.

“Biden’s @SBAgov closed the Paycheck Protection Program yesterday for running out of $$ – but not before $10 Million went to Planned Parenthood NY,” the org tweeted last week. “One wonders how many businesses could have stayed open instead with that cash.”

In spite of being an abortion chain and being worth billions of dollars, two factors which should bar it from receiving a single penny of taxpayer funding, Planned Parenthood has applied for and received at least $80 million through the now-exhausted PPP fund.

Penny Nance, president and CEO of Concerned Women for America, explained to Live Action how Planned Parenthood has exploited loopholes thanks to being comprised of smaller affiliates that employ fewer than the maximum 500 people required to receive aid. Because of this, Planned Parenthood affiliates received at least $85 million through the PPP.

“Despite congressional regulations that were intended to disqualify them, Big Abortion has found a way to make the American people complicit in their nefarious dealings,” Nance told the outlet. “This from a company which reported a record number of abortions in its last report, where they announced they made $69.7 million in profits. This is obscene by any reasonable measure and Congress should demand an immediate investigation.”

The $10 million sent to Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is the latest of a stunning stack of cash sent to the nonprofit amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Last year, the abortion giant came under fire after it was revealed that it took more than $80 million in pandemic-related aid intended to give a leg-up to small businesses hit by nationwide closures.

The receipt of PPP funds by the abortion behemoth under the Biden administration indicates a sharp change from the operation of the aid program under President Donald Trump, who intended to keep PPP funds where they belong: in the hands of struggling small businesses.

“President Trump is committed to ensuring Paycheck Protection Program money is used for saving jobs at small businesses, not getting the government into the business of funding abortion,” a senior Trump administration official said last year. “While not all Americans share President Trump’s pro-life beliefs, there is broad bipartisan support for the idea that American taxpayers should not have to fund abortion.”

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