Why Has Planned Parenthood Remained Leaderless After Cecile Richards’ Resignation?


It’s been over three months since Cecile Richards, the 12-year President of Planned Parenthood, stepped down.

She has not been replaced, nor has the nation’s leading abortion mill given any indication they will replace her.

What’s more, there does also not seem to be any understandable reason why Richards stepped down in the first place.

Claire Chretien of Life Site News believes that Richards unexplained, and so far, unresolved, decision to step down from Planned Parenthood may be an indication that something ominous is afoot…which could be good news in the long run for the unborn.

Richards, she explains, has been promoting her recent book and remains actively involved in promoting progressive politics ahead of the November midterms, which doesn’t seem to be a substantial enough reason to have stepped down from the helm of the organization.

“Why did Richards leave so suddenly?” Chretien asks. “She could have easily promoted her book while remaining president of Planned Parenthood; she could have even folded a book tour into campaign stops alongside pro-abortion politicians.”

“Was there an internal dispute that forced Richards out?” she continues. “Public statements from her political allies wishing her well after her departure and thanking her for her leadership didn’t seem to suggest that, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the case.”

An enticing thread is that perhaps Richards’ resignation indicates the organization is in trouble, Chretian explains:

does Richards know something that the rest of us don’t? Is the FBI closing in on the baby body parts trafficking industry, in which Planned Parenthood plays a vital role? Will the loss of Title X funding mean massive layoffs?

Or Richards foresee doom for legal abortion that she just doesn’t feel up to fighting? Rhetoric from the abortion industry has become increasingly frantic and apocalyptic since Trump took office.

“Quite simply, we’re facing the biggest threat to reproductive health and rights in generations,” Kelley Robinson of Planned Parenthood Action Fund wrote in a June 30 email to supporters.

There is no doubt that, particularly following the announcement of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, the pro-abort community is up in arms, fearing their precious “right” to murder unborn children is at risk.

It’s hard to imagine an organization as large as Planned Parenthood operating without a president in a time that it would seem vital for them to sink their claws even deeper into the realm of political influence.

What’s going on?