Planned Parenthood Sues Texas After Governor Declares Abortion “Non-Essential”


As some states’ governors have ordered all “non-essential” surgeries and medical procedures to be temporarily suspended amid the coronavirus pandemic, Planned Parenthood is insisting abortion is essential despite their medical supplies being needed by hospitals who are fighting to save patient’s lives.

In Ohio, PP and other clinics have blatantly refused to comply with the Attorney General’s office’s direct orders to stop all abortion procedures. Now in Texas, Planned Parenthood is suing the state in response to Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Monday order to stop all elective abortions.

Fox News reports:

The ban was issued as part of an executive order by Abbott aimed at conserving medical equipment and the capacity of the health care system after warnings from health care professionals that patients sick with the coronavirus might overwhelm hospital capacity and deplete supplies, such as personal protective equipment for doctors and nurses.

Pro-choice activists say the ban was issued in bad faith and limits access to an “essential” procedure.

“Gov. Abbott and anti-abortion activists nationwide are forcing a legal and political fight in the middle of a public health crisis,” PPFA acting president and CEO Alexis McGill-Johnson said. “Elected leaders are expending valuable time and resources exploiting a global pandemic to score political points instead of rallying to respond to this crisis.”

“Abortion care is time-sensitive and essential health care that has a profound impact on a person’s health and life, which is why it is protected as a constitutional right. Texas is abusing the state’s emergency powers and we are filing suit today to stop it,” added the Center for Reproductive Rights’ own president, Nancy Northrop.

For their part, Planned Parenthood is defending the lawsuit in an email saying, “Planned Parenthood doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, counselors, and administrators do so much, from reassuring a scared patient to providing expert care without judgment. And right now, they’re putting their health and lives at risk to ensure patients get the information and care they need.”

The Daily Wire reports on the details of the lawsuit:

The suit demands a restraining order be put in place against Abbott’s directive, and argues that Planned Parenthood uses only minimal personal protective equipment. The group claims that Abbott is “singling abortion providers and their patients out for differential treatment from providers of other medical services and their patients,” even though Abbott’s ban applies to all ambulatory surgical centers statewide.

Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive rights also claim Texas’s directive violates the 14th Amendment, because it restricts access to a constitutionally protected activity.

The Daily Wire also reports that Texas Attorney General Paxton took to social media to say, “It is unconscionable that abortion providers are fighting against the health of Texans and withholding desperately needed supplies and personal protective equipment in favor of a procedure that they refer to as a ‘choice,’” adding, “My office will tirelessly defend Governor Abbott’s Order to ensure that necessary supplies reach the medical professionals combating this national health crisis.”

It truly is disheartening that even in the midst of a worldwide health pandemic that is claiming the lives of innocent people, those on the left are unable to shift focus away from their destructive death-obsessed agenda.

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