Planned Parenthood Teams Up With The ACLU to Pander to Poor People and Expand Abortion Coverage in Maine


Abortion giant Planned Parenthood and the leftie defense team ACLU have joined forces to challenge a law in Maine that allows only doctors to perform abortions. If they are successful, abortions in Mainee could be performed by nurse practitioners and midwives as well.

Apparently, getting an abortion is a “civil right” and Maine’s Physician-Only law is restricting women from said civil rights. What Planned Parenthood and the ACLU would like is for nurse practitioners and even midwives to be able to perform abortions.

“At both Maine Family Planning and PPNNE, the delays resulting from the Physician-Only law are often exacerbated by the time it takes patients to raise money for the procedure (which, because of delays caused by the Physician-Only law, may be more expensive) and for travel to the procedure (which, because of the Physician-Only law, may be far longer and more expensive),” the suit says.

“As a result of the lengthy travel distances the Physician-Only law imposes, some women are simply unable to obtain an abortion and are instead forced to carry a pregnancy to term against their will.”

Of course, Maine must allow women to liberate themselves from the natural biological consequences of sexual intercourse that they willingly engaged in.

The suit is also terribly concerned with the plight of the poor and states that women who cannot afford to travel to abortion clinics will benefit the most from the Physician-Only law being overturned.

“Plaintiffs’ poor and low-income patients routinely tell them that they do not have, and will not be able to find, the money they need to travel to a clinic in a different city for abortion care,” the lawsuit says.

“If the Physician-Only law were invalidated, abortion care would be available in Maine six days of the week, for longer hours (including evenings), and typically in five or more locations on any given day,” it continues. “This expanded access would dramatically reduce delays and the associated medical, emotional, and financial harm that women in Maine are experiencing as a result of the Physician-Only law.”

More abortion=better medical, financial, and emotional health for women?

You know, this compassionate language is reminiscent of the speech of another proponent of abortion, Margaret Sanger, who also thought her ideas about spreading abortion to the masses to be terribly altruistic and went on to found the incredibly lucrative Planned Parenthood clinic.

Sanger was very compassionate towards the poor, and desperately wanted to help them to prevent themselves from increasing their populations. How devastating it is to bring life into the world!

“Aside from the question of the unfitness of many women to become mothers,” she wrote in The Cruelty of Charitymomentarily setting aside her desire to clean up the gene pool. “Aside from the very definite deterioration in the human stock that [charitable] programs would inevitably hasten, we may question its value even to the normal though unfortunate mother. For it is never the intention of [philanthropy] to give the poor over-burdened and often undernourished mother of the slum the opportunity to make the choice herself, to decide whether she wishes time after time to bring children into the world.”

You can see where modern-day abortion advocates get their language from! It is so easy to dress murder up and call it compassionate when it comes to having babies, and that’s exactly what the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are doing with this lawsuit.

Whoever performs abortions, it is a sin against fellow humans and against God, and no amount of condescending appeals to women in poverty will change this moral truth.