Planned Parenthood Training Teen “Peer Educators” to Bring Their Curriculum to Schools


Are you okay with Planned Parenthood in your child’s school?

That’s the pressing question posed by a recent newsletter from the Capitol Resource Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the parental and religious rights of Californians.

As we’ve frequently reported, Planned Parenthood is a major influencer—and benefactor—in the push for so-called “comprehensive sex education” invading our nation’s schools.

“Kids having sex at earlier ages, kids understanding abortion as a right, and kids knowing how to access abortion is a formula for profit for Planned Parenthood,” the newsletter argues. “It is no surprise, then, that Planned Parenthood is in the Sex Ed business. In fact, Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest seller of Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) curriculum to school districts.”

The gargantuan nonprofit achieves this primarily through aggressive lobbying, provoking legislators to mandate CSE in state schools at the earliest grade levels possible. Not only that, the newsletter goes on, “but they also lobby against any legislation that would allow parents easier access to the curriculum used in their child’s school— such as making it available for viewing online— or that would institute parental ‘opt-in,’ such as Senate Bill 673, which was recently killed in the California Senate Education Committee.”

There are even efforts to push CSE at the federal level, such as the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act, which would be the first-ever national comprehensive sex-ed bill, and the Youth Access to Sexual Health Services Act, which would ensure students’ “access to reproductive services.”

Another way Planned Parenthood gets into schools, the newsletter continues, is by actively recruiting young people to advocate for CSE, using them to “promote kids’ “right” to sexual freedom through something called ‘peer education,’ which is just a nice way of describing using teens to do Planned Parenthood’s dirty work.”

A sickening example of this is an event hosted in recent years by Planned Parenthood of Northern California’s “Spare Change” Peer Education and Teen Theatre Troupe.

The description of the event on Facebook reads:

“AUDITIONS are coming up on April 26th and May 3rd at Planned Parenthood in Eureka! Auditions for the Spare Change Peer Education and Teen Theatre Troupe will be held on Wednesday April 26 or Wednesday May 3, from 4-6 pm at PLANNED PARENTHOOD in Eureka, CA. Spare Change teens receive over 40 HOURS of professional training, and then educate others about healthy sexuality, through writing and performing original skits, teaching in classrooms, and one-on-one work.”

“This type of ‘peer education’ orchestrated by Planned Parenthood reaps just the kind of dividends they are looking for,” Capitol Resource Institute declares. “Enthusiastic, sociable high school students motivated by their need to contribute to solving social problems get to actually be activists and accrue much-prized social currency at the same time.”

“It’s a jackpot for both Planned Parenthood who gets the perfect product placement,” the newsletter concludes, “and the teens who are sucked in by the prospect of partnering with ‘woke’ adults and by the allure of fighting for a social cause.”

Do you know what’s happening in your child’s classroom, in their school, and in your state legislature? We cannot sit around and expect the culture in which we live to be upright and moral, even when dealing with children.

We must meet and exceed Planned Parenthood’s efforts—we must protect our children!

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