Planned Parenthood President: We Are Dedicated To Creating A World Free Of Violence

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has sunken to a new level of irony, claiming that her organization – which literally specializes in ripping hundreds of thousands of babies apart yearly – is anti-violence.


In a Medium article blasted out to her email list mid-August, Richards declared, “at Planned Parenthood we’re speaking out and standing with our partners who fight for racial justice, because white supremacy affects the people who come to us for care, and their ability to determine their own destiny.”

Okay, first of all, Planned Parenthood was founded with the intention of whittling down the black community. If you want to talk about white supremacy, look no further than that.

Secondly, since when does murdering babies count as “care?”

Richards goes on to make the laughable claim that Planned Parenthood is dedicated to “delivering compassionate care, and to building a country and a world where no one has to live in fear of exclusion, harassment or violence.”

Again, this is royally rich coming from an organization that makes money killing babies and excluding them from their God-given right to life through the most violent means available.

As for harassment, that’s exactly what Planned Parenthood has done to the likes of David Daleiden, a pro-life activist who has been ordered to pay $200,000 to the abortion giant for releasing undercover footage exposing their baby parts-selling habits.

Richards’ Medium article further proudly declared that Planned Parenthood’s provision of abortions is crucial to eradicating racism.

“This is not a morally ambiguous ideology,” she claimed. “There is only one side.”

Sorry, Planned Parenthood, you really haven’t got the moral upper hand here.

The reality is that there is no greater threat to members of the black community than Planned Parenthood, considering that abortion kills more African-Americans than anything else in this country.

More than crime, more than car accidents, more than cancer, more than heart disease and AIDS – combined, since 1973.

Yet Planned Parenthood would like to put itself up on a pedestal and proudly proclaim to be a voice for not only African-Americans but for justice as a whole when they actually stand for the same practice – abortion – that the likes of Richard Spencer tout as a solution to protecting their white identity.

Please continue to pray for Americans, that more and more people might begin to see the hypocrisy and damage that Planned Parenthood is carrying out on families and lives.

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