Police Officer Hailed as ‘Guardian Angel’ After Adopting Homeless Woman’s Newborn Baby


It’s no secret that we live in a culture that seems to celebrate death more than life, a truth made evident by the rabid support for child murder that we’re bombarded with each and every time we get on social media and see abortion supporters cheerfully posting for this horrific deed.

With so much of this sick and twisted morbidity saturating our news feeds every day, it’s easy to forget that there are still people out there who buck the status quo, who reject murder as a viable option for avoiding the consequences of a person’s actions, and who believe human life is a precious gift from God.

One such story is that of a police officer who is now being hailed as a “guardian angel” after the actions he took to truly impact the lives of those he swore to protect and serve in a huge way.

Officer Ryan Holets of Albuquerque was responding to reports of a robbery when he came across a homeless, opioid-addicted woman getting ready to inject herself with heroin. She also happened to be pregnant. By the end of the encounter, Holets had agreed to adopt the child and provide them with a loving home.

Fox News reports:

Holets turned on his bodycam and confronted the 35-year-old Crystal Champ and her companion before realizing the woman was pregnant.

“You’re going to kill your baby,” Holets is heard on the bodycam chastising Champ, who revealed she was “seven or eight months pregnant.”

Holets, who appears to be writing a citation for the couple in the beginning of the video, begins talking to Champ about her situation.

“I just felt God telling me, ‘Tell her that you will do it because you can,’” Holets said to CNN.

That “it” was the father of four telling Champ he would like to adopt her baby.

Champ lives in a tent along the highway and admitted that she’s battled addiction issues for the majority of her life, falling prey to both crystal meth and heroin.

She told CNN, “I know how bad my situation is. I know what a horrible person I am.” Champ also stated that she “desperately wanted someone to adopt her baby.”

During Officer Holets conversation with Champ and her companion, he realized that this was his opportunity to do something truly meaningful, to change someone’s awful situation and help create a better life for this child, so he hopped in his car and went directly to his wife to talk about the adoption.

“He already knew my heart on the issue, and he knew that I would be totally onboard with it,” Holets’ wife, Rebecca told the media.

The pair had discussed adoption previously, but had decided to postpone doing so until their 10 month old child was older. However, it seems God had different plans, as Champ gave birth to a baby girl three weeks later.

Unfortunately, due to the young woman’s drug use, the child was born with an addiction to opioids. Neonatal abstinence syndrome is a very serious issue that can cause a plethora of problems for child, such as autonomic overreactivity, gastrointestinal problems, development disorders, and a whole lot more, so there will likely be some consequences of Champ’s drug abuse this little girl may have to deal with.

This sweet, sweet child was named Hope, a name truly befitting her story, and the Holets stated that when the time was right, they would share this incredible story with her.

The parting of baby Hope from Champ was an emotional experience.

“I just want her to be safe and secure and be in a family and be loved and have a chance,” Champ said.

After giving birth, with the Holetses at the hospital, she gave the couple Hope and said goodbye. “She turns to me and says, ‘Take care of her for me.’ And I said, ‘I will take good care of her, and you take good care of yourself.’ It was super emotional,” said Rebecca.

“I am so thankful and blessed and humbled that we are allowed to have Hope in our family,” Holets said.

While the tale of Champ and her drug addiction issues is heartbreaking, at least she cared enough not to abort the child and sought out a good family to take care of her baby and provide her with the life she couldn’t.

Life is a precious gift from God, something those involved in this story clearly recognize, as our Creator has made us in His image, giving us value and purpose. While Champ might be locked in a serious battle against the depths of her fallen sin nature, there’s hope and deliverance to be found in Jesus Christ.

Perhaps this situation is the one that will awaken her need for a Savior and drive her to repent and trust in Him. Who knows, maybe in time, she’ll be reunited with Hope? God loves stories of reconciliation.