Why Were Policemen Disarmed at the Concert in Las Vegas?


As the gun control advocates come out of the woodwork in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting (many of whom didn’t waste any time), the Detroit Police Chief has a different concern: why were off-duty police officers disarmed at the concert where the shooting took place?

Chief James Craig speaking at a press conference, said “I’m told they (off-duty officers) were not allowed to bring in their firearm. That is a problem for me.”

Chief Craig has long spoken out about the dangers of disarming off-duty police officers, according to BlueLivesMatter.com, and has both praised the MLB for allowing them to be armed and criticized the NFL for requiring them to disarm.

“In these times we’re in right now, we have to find ways to mitigate threats,” he continued. “We have to consider the off-duty officer a force multiplier.”

“We have to start thinking on risk mitigation. We need to think about force multipliers and the only way we do that is to think about off-duty officers,” he added.

He praised the quick response of LVPD and did agree that something must be done to prevent someone from being able to stockpile that many weapons in a hotel room.

The shooter, Steven Paddock, had at least 16 rifles in his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, according to some reports, one of which was a fully-automatic weapon. Fully-automatic weapons have been banned in the U.S. without a special permit since 1986.

“While off-duty officers might not have saved lives in the Vegas massacre attack, every second counts, and armed off-duty officers must be equipped to take out active shooters,” Chief Craig explained. “I mean, what good are they if they aren’t armed?”

It is terrifying to think how easily a shooter could pick off dozens of victims at a large sporting event like the NFL. Our police officers are trained to protect and defend the lives of citizens. In most cases, they are permitted to carry their weapons even when they are off-duty. Why would anyone want to strip them of their weapons in a situation where they might be the most useful to have?