POLL: Animosity Towards the Unvaccinated Is Growing in Canada


As the segment of the population that has refrained from getting the COVID-19 vaccination appears to remain obstinately resistant in Canada as elsewhere in the Western world, those who have been vaccinated are growing frustrated.

The Post Millennial reports that recent polling indicates the divide between the vaccinated and unvaccinated is growing as tension between co-workers, family members, and friends who have made different choices about the inoculation increases.

The poll was conducted by the Leger for the Association of Canadian Studies and was published in the Ottawa Citizen earlier this week.

It found that over three in four vaccinated Canadians hold negative views towards those who have not gotten the jab.

The PM reports:

Between Sept. 10 and Sept. 12, 1,549 Canadians responded to the poll, which indicated, among other findings, that participants tend to consider unvaccinated Canadians as “irresponsible and selfish,” according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Approximately two-thirds of those polled stated that they felt that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have a negative relationship with each other as groups.

Around 25 percent of the unvaccinated had negative views towards others who also weren’t vaccinate, citing justifications at the personal level for not receiving the shot, but felt that their own reasons didn’t necessarily exonerate others.

“There’s a high level of I would say antipathy or animosity toward people who are unvaccinated at this time,” says Jack Jedwab, the president of the Association of Canadian Studies. “What you are seeing is the tension played out among family members and friends, co-workers, where there are relationships between people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated.”

“My sense is a lot of negative sentiment people feel towards certain groups is getting displaced by their feeling of antipathy toward those people who are unvaccinated,” he explained.

Last month, the largest newspaper in Canada ran a shocking front page featuring comments from readers angry over those who remain unvaccinated, including one who advocated to “let them die” should they contract COVID-19.

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