POLL: Less Than Half Think Biden Legitimate 2020 Winner, One Third Think Trump Won


So, the winner of the 2020 presidential election has been projected by virtually every major news outlet to be former president Joe Biden.

But amid lawsuits and allegations of voter fraud in a number of localities, it appears that much of the American voting public was as skeptical as the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump, who began claiming a stolen election early last week, before the race had been called by the media.

According to a Just the News Daily poll with Scott Rasmussen, over one-third of registered voters, or 34%, think that Trump was the legitimate winner, while less than half of their respondents, or 49%, believe that Biden legitimately won.

Just the News Daily Poll With Scott Rasmussen

Over two-thirds of Republican voters, or 77%, said that they beleived President Trump to be the legitimate winner of the election.

The poll reflects a very pronounced lack of confidence in our voting system from Republican voters, as just 12% of GOP respondents believed Biden to be the legitimate winner.

Think about how significant that is!

What’s more, 13% of Democrats doubt Biden’s legitimacy as the winner, as 87% believe that he is the legitimate president-elect.

The survey was conducted between Thursday night until early in the afternoon on Saturday, when Biden was officially projected to be the victor by establishment media outlets.

“During the time of this survey, no television network or other news source had formally called the race for Biden,” Rasmussen noted.

To see poll’s cross-demographic tabulations, click here, and to see poll’s methodology and sample demographics, click here.

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