POLL: Vaccinated Parents Trust Mainstream Media While Unvaccinated Get Info From Social Media


A YouGov poll commissioned by the family organization ParentsTogether and conducted among an oversampling of unvaccinated parents found that of parents who have opted to get the jab tend to trust mainstream media while those who are hesitant or refuse get their information from social media.

The poll questions gave respondents two questions and asked to choose one or the other even if neither exactly fit their answer:

Even if it isn’t exactly right, which of the following is closest to your view?

<1> It’s hard to trust mainstream media on COVID, so I am mostly getting information from social media

<2> Mainstream media is the best place to get information I can trust about COVID, so I mostly get information from mainstream media

Pollsters found that “75 percent of unvaccinated parents distrust mainstream media sources and get most of their information from social media. In contrast, 58 percent of vaccinated parents prefer to get most of their COVID-19 information from mainstream media.”

Before being broken up by vaccination status, the group split roughly evenly: 51 percent of all the parents polled get their information from social media while 49 trust mainstream media.

When divided, only 42% of vaccinated parents said they got their information from social media.

Meanwhile, three out of four of unvaccinated respondents said they rely on social media “because they find it hard to trust the mainstream media.”

As for concerns about the COVID-19 virus itself, almost three out of four of vaccinated parents are worried about their children getting sick, while roughly four out of five unvaccinated parents are worried about their children suffering negative side effects from the vaccine.

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