Popular Drag Queen Story Hour Book Author Shows Support for “Proud” Pedophile


LGBT activists insist there is nothing sexual about Drag Queen Story Hours or LGBT-related “children’s books.”  The truth is, however, that everything about the LGBT movement, as related to children, is not only sexual, but that it’s an attempt to publicly groom children to a dangerous lifestyle of sin and confusion. 

We have reported so much on the disturbing incidents like a drag queen flashing a group of children to libraries failing to perform background checks on convicted child sex criminals, we hardly need evidence that this is the case.  However, one LGBT-themed “children’s” book author is still willing to provide it. Perhaps this will open some parent’s eyes who are still willing to go along with the sexual exploitation of their children for the sake of being culturally “woke.”  

NewsWars reports:

A children’s author, whose books are frequently read at Drag Queen Story Hour’s across the country, was caught “liking” an Instagram picture posted by a proud pedophile.

A screenshot shows kid’s author Todd Barnes liked an image of a triangle spiral tattoo, which is a symbol for a “boy lover.”

The hashtags accompanying the photo include #YBL, (young boy lover) #gaypedo, #pedo, #boylove, #boylover, #youngboylover and others.

Conservative actress Mindy Robinson called the author out on Twitter, writing, “Hey Todd Parr is there a particular reason that you (a children’s book author) would ‘like’ a pro-pedophile Instagram post?”

“I feel like even if you pretend to not know what that symbol means that the hashtags were a dead giveaway,” she added.

It doesn’t get much more obvious than that. Here’s a man who is writing children’s books with LGBT themes showing support for a “proud pedo” on Instagram. We’re just supposed to believe it’s not what it looks like?

The post Parr liked was of Instagram user Kage Jackson’s new tattoo which just so happens to be an international symbol for pedophilia, specifically for men who are sexually attracted to young boys. As Mindy Robinson pointed out, Parr could potentially have played ignorant had Jackson not included numerous very obvious and blatant hashtags leaving absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind what the symbol represents. 

Aside from the fact that a children’s author has clearly outed himself as someone who, at the very least, is OK with pedophilia, it really exposes the truth about Drag Queen Story Hours and the push for sexual education for children as young as preschool age.

It’s so hard to believe that the men dressing up as women to go read books to children are not part of some innocent group of community heroes simply looking to further the cause of inclusivity, as the left would have us believe. They seem much more likely to be a group of disturbed men with twisted sexual preferences and interests, quite possibly including pedophilia. 

Jackson has other Instagram posts in which he boasts openly about being a pedophile. One post shows another tattoo of the same pedophile symbol on his wrist, while his Instagram bio declares he identifies as a “Bisexual Nudist. YBL,” with a spiral symbol and a rainbow. 

If I were a children’s book author I would want to steer clear of any association with such a debased individual yet Parr seemed to find it appropriate to publicly “like” Jackson’s “boy-love” tattoo.

Liberal parents need to wake up and stop taking their kids to these drag queen story hour events! 


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