PornHub Accused of Disseminating Video of 12-Year-Old Boy Being Abused Even After Being Warned

Photo by Marco Verch Some Rights Reserved

The parent company for the pornography giant PornHub, one of the most-visited websites in the world, is being sued over claims that it failed to act even when warned that it was disseminating footage of a 12-year-old child being raped by an adult.

A mother has filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama Northern Division on behalf of her child against MindGeek, the parent company to PornHub and a number of other pornography websites.

Greenville, Alabama resident Rocky Shay Franklin is also listed as a defendant on the lawsuit. The child and mother are not named out of privacy concerns.

The Daily Wire reports that Franklin has been accused of entering into a contractual relationship with PornHub’s operator and allegedly uploaded at least 23 videos of himself abusing children that were offered for $15 on the platform, which prosecutors say represents “substantial financial benefit to the MindGeek Defendants in multiple ways.”

“This lawsuit concerns perhaps one of the most disturbing courses of conduct imaginable: the exploitation of child molestation for profit,” the suit states. “The MindGeek Defendants are those entities who utilized their platform(s) in collaboration with Defendant Franklin to disseminate obvious images and videos of child molestation, thereby profiting from their dissemination.”

According to the filing, Franklin was living with the mother and her children for several months in 2018 during which he molested the child and another minor.

“Franklin overpowered them and, in some cases, drugged them for the purpose of preying on them [while] recording his acts of sexual violence,” the lawsuit reads.

His videos the garnered an “astonishing” 188,000 views and over 1,100 subscribers when he uploaded them to Pornhub.

According to The Christian Post, authorities warned MindGeek about the videos, which had titles about abusing one’s “nephew” that are too sickening to print here.

Yet despite being warned on two occasions between November and December, it was not until a third warning in December that the company saw that the videos were removed.

Franklin was arrested in May 2020 for sexually exploiting a child, advertising child pornography, and distributing child pornography, the Wire noted. He is currently serving 40 years in prison after pleading guilty to the charges.

PornHub has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years for empowering and enabling child sexual abusers to disseminate and profit from their sick abuse.

Earlier this year, Visa and MasterCard ended payment processing with MindGeek after a judge ruled that it could be reasonably concluded that Visa knowingly intended to “help monetize child pornography” by facilitating payments through its platforms.

Hundreds of survivors of sexual exploitation have called upon the U.S. Congress to investigate PornHub for having “facilitating and profiting from criminal acts, including sex trafficking, filmed sexual abuse of children, and non-consensually recorded and distributed pornography,” as an open letter stated.”

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