Portland Public School Teachers Given “Social Justice Guide” That Praises Communist Leaders, Discourages Gender Pronouns


It’s easy to say that our public schools are turning into streamlined factories for far-left radicals, a common refrain on the concerned right.

Skeptics may shake their head, but then something comes along like this Portland Public School teacher guide for out to integrate social justice into the everyday curriculum, and it’s hard to ignore the assertion that there is a very decisive form of indoctrination going on in our public schools.’

Sure, this may be an extreme example, but don’t think for a moment it might not quickly become a trend.

Rather, it represents the natural conclusion of a lot of the kind of ideology that has been creeping into our public school for years now.

This isn’t a cry that the sky is falling.

The sky has officially fallen.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Teachers in Portland Public Schools are being given a teaching guide called “Planning to Change The World – A Plan Book For Social Justice Teachers.” At $18.00 a piece, with 3500 teachers, well, you can do the math to see how much money they’re spending just on this planning book.

They praise Che Guevara, feature Black Panther founders, promote islam, and several communist sympathizing mentions.

There’s even a section to help teachers to stop using offensive and oppressive terms such as “boy” or “girl” in an effort to be more sensitive to trans and gender non-conforming students. These are designed to cater to kids as young as 5 years old.

The planners feature anniversaries and special dates that can serve as instructional guides for the classroom.

Here are some sample pages from the guide, obtained by the outlet:

There are Muslim holidays:

Quotes from Black Panthers:

A reminder to mark the anniversary of the founding of The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (?!):

A handy reminder to observe “no car day”:

A quote from Che Guevara, who oversaw Fidel Castro’s firing squads during the Cuban Revolution, executing thousands of men, women, and children:

Thanksgiving is mentioned….as the “National Day of Mourning”, along with a quote from transgender actor Laverne Cox:

And don’t forget pronouns:

This is what the left believes, and the type of curriculum they’d love to have in every public school in America.

Anti-American, anti-Western, pro-Marxist ideology with a healthy dose of gender confusion.

Next time someone scoffs at your suggestion that public schools are indoctrination factories for leftist ideology, show them this.