Saturday, September 25, 2021

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POLL: One-Third of Adults in the U.K. Say Porn Is An Acceptable Part of Modern Society

"I believe that porn ruins lives, wrecks relationships. It can cause things like mental health problems, addiction, impotence...So it may be accepted but it can't be acceptable because people deserve much better than those things."

Pakistani Christian Preacher Charged With Blasphemy After Muslim Group Monitored Her In WhatsApp

Pakistan is classified by the U.S. State Department as a country of particular concern over its institutional religious freedom violations.

House Republicans File Articles of Impeach for “Violation of Duties As President”

“​I don’t take this step lightly. Before the Afghanistan debacle, I urged my colleagues to consider a measured, thoughtful conversation on the merits of impeachment."

Two Afghan Refugees Facing Federal Charges for Spousal Abuse, Attempted Child Sex Abuse

20-year-old Noori has been charged with “attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor using force against that person, and with three counts of engaging in a sexual act with a minor, with one count alleging the use of force.”

School Says Coaches Can’t Lead Post-Game Prayer, So Players Step Up Instead

Praise the Lord! What an amazing display of faith, freedom, and the values that built our country.

Report: Apple Threatened to Remove Facebook From App Store for Failing to Curb Human Trafficking

While Facebook did take down some of the pages, the Journal says that they "took only limited action to try to shut down the activity until Apple Inc. threatened to remove Facebook's products from the App Store unless it cracked down on the practice."

Concerned Park Ranger Warned Gabby Petito of “Toxic” Relationship Before Her Disappearance

“I was imploring with her to reevaluate the relationship, asking her if she was happy in the relationship with him, and basically saying this was an opportunity for her to find another path, to make a change in her life."

Media Accountability Group Says Animated Netflix Show Should Be Investigated for Child Pornography

“Seeing children used in this way for the entertainment of adults violates our sensibilities, especially when, across the nation and around the world, sexual assault is spiking, and women and children are being held in sexual bondage."

European Drug Regulator Can’t Say Whether AstraZenica Vaccine Causes Blood Clots

“Although spontaneous reports … have suggested that the risk may be higher in women and in younger adults, and lower after the second compared to the first dose, the limitations of the way the data is collected mean that none of these differences could be confirmed.”

Florida Mother Fears Eviction As Landlord Requires Vaccination to Renew Lease

"It was either get the shot or get out."

New Records Reveal Obama FDA Purchased Heads, Liver, Thymuses of Aborted Fetuses

“This issue should be front and center in any debate about America’s barbaric abortion industry.”