Potty-Mouthed Teen Vogue Writer Has A Message For ‘Evangelicals’


We all know that standards and morals have changed through the years. Things that would’ve been completely shunned many moons ago raise nary an eyebrow these days.

As such, we’ve all adapted to the times as opposed to constantly banging our heads against the wall. But when does the decline go a tad too far?

That’s a debate that could keep most folks going for hours, but we’ll boil it down to a specific case in point. When did it become acceptable to use crass language in whatever forum you feel like?

The envelope has been pushed on broadcast networks for decades now, and there’s no envelope to be found on the cable side of things. By extension, journalism has gone the same route. Some outlets continue to hold themselves to high standards and keep it clean, while other outlets feel it’s perfectly fine to engage in locker room banter for all to see.

But is it? We’ll assume it works for their audience, but what about the rest of the population that stumbles across a link or article? Those that find the line has been crossed will not be returning, that’s for sure.

That brings us to the wonderful world of social media. While not all users are guilty, there are far too many that have absolutely no filter and toss around whatever words they feel like.

Case in point: Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca isn’t happy with the premise of a show she recently watched, and she felt the need to share her angst with the world in vulgar fashion.

“I just want the Evangelicals to know, if you guys figure out how to do ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ IRL, I am fully prepared to bite some d***s off,” she shared on Twitter, according to Chicks on the Right.

Hmmm. So why the need to not only expose yourself as being incredibly crass, but also to specifically target Evangelicals?

As Chicks on the Right points out, “Because we Christians are SUPER insane, believing in traditional marriage and wanting to save unborn babies and whatnot. But seriously. How brave is she?! Lauren will selflessly bite off d***s in the name of feminism! She’ll do it for you, ladies. She’s really selfless like that.”

We’ll stick to our standards and make our points the old-fashioned way, thank you very much.

Source: Chicks on the Right