POW/MIA Flag Removed From Montgomery County Executive Building, Replaced With Pride Flag


The Montgomery County executive building is flying the rainbow pride flag for the first time ever, and while that’s not exactly shocking given the extreme liberalism leaking out of every pore of local, state, and federal government entities, the flag they took down to hoist it up has some folks up in arms.

They apparently removed the POW/MIA flag and hoisted up the rainbow flag, showing a tremendous amount of disrespect for the soldiers and veterans who gave so much to ensure our freedom stayed intact over the centuries since our nation’s founding.

NBC Washington reports:

Montgomery County Council member Evan Glass, the council’s first LGBTQ member, helped celebrate the raising of the pride flag Monday morning at Veterans Memorial Plaza in Rockville.

But Vietnam veteran John “Bill” Williams said he’s upset the flag that honored soldiers still missing was taken down.

“When I was in Vietnam, I was there six days before two guys were missing in action, and they still haven’t found their bodies,” Williams said.

The POW/MIA flag was replaced by the LGBTQ pride flag for the month of June, pride month.

“I wasn’t happy about it at all because the park is supposed to be a veterans park,” Williams said. “People died. Now they took it down and put another flag up.”

“The flag post was only able to accommodate one flag, and when we learned of that, we are quickly, the county government, is quickly changing it,” Glass said. “So we’re adding more ringlets so that by tomorrow morning both flags will be raised.”

Many folks suggested that if they were determined to fly the pride flag they should do so underneath the POW/MIA flag. Would that have been so hard? Or perhaps, skip “pride” month all together?

Fortunately, the county council listened to the people after the blowback and put the POW/MIA flag back up, where it will fly permanently, as well it should be.  

The rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with Noah and all humanity, therefore as a sacred symbol, it shouldn’t be used for the normalization of homosexuality, which is a sinful act before the Creator of the universe.

Also, as the Bible plainly teaches, pride goes before the fall, so all of this massive celebration of depraved debauchery is only serving to set these individuals up for greater judgment at the hands of God when they stand before Him to be judged.

Those involved in this event need to repent, put their faith in Jesus, and live a holy life before its too late. We never know how long our lives will bee, so those who don’t know the Lord should not put off coming to the foot of the cross and receiving salvation.


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