Powerful Testimony: My Son Survived Planned Parenthood


We as pro-life Christians are well aware of the atrocities committed at Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics across the country on a daily basis.

We were recently contacted by one of these women, who praises the Lord every day for her son, who she says “survived Planned Parenthood.” While she asked to remain anonymous, she makes no secret of Who showered her and her son with grace!

She found herself pregnant at the young age of 16 by a man who ended up going to jail for statutory rape. Despite the fact that she was young and did not have a partner to help her raise the baby, she made the brave choice to keep her little boy, who is now grown up and was recently baptized as a follower of Christ.

Let’s hear her story:

By the time I actually gave birth to my son I was 16. All of a sudden I fell in a crack in the sense that I couldn’t relate to my peers because I was getting diapers and formula while they were getting pencils for school and the other moms I couldn’t relate to because they were my mom’s age.

However, no matter the depth of the struggle thru out the years there has never been a moment that I regretted not getting an abortion. My heart hurts for all of those women that go to Planned Parenthood thinking they have no choice. Hearing his laughter, seeing his smile, watching him grow into a successful adult has made any struggle more than worth it. And yes he may have autism, but that does not define him or make his life any less of value.

It is heartbreaking to think of the millions of children whose laughter that won’t be heard, smiles that won’t be seen, by mothers who “chose” to end the life of their baby so shortly after it began in their womb.

The testimony of women everywhere who chose to keep their baby is a powerful weapon in the fight for the sanctity of life. Who else can profess with so much authority how worth it is to keep your child, to become the mother God intended you to be?

Please share this brave woman’s story with everyone you know and glorify the work God has done in the life of her and her precious son!