This Powerful Video Of Women Celebrating Their Freedom From ISIS Will Leave You In Tears


The US has just gained an incredibly important victory in Syria against the Islamic State, but of course, the mainstream media here would rather focus on the petty feud between the President and some batty old congresswoman who wears funny hats.

Nonetheless, this victory is incredible and noteworthy. To the people who were just freed from the terrible reign of ISIS in Raqqua, Syria, hell on earth has just been demolished, and they are celebrating!

In Syria, ISIS has been much more than an invading insurgency, they have brought with them the demonic ideology of their driving force: Islam. Everywhere they have gone, where they have not literally raped, murder and pillaged, they have enslaved or otherwise brutally repressed the people of the regions they have occupied, and the Christians and Yadizi Kurds of Raqqa have been treated particularly horribly since ISIS took control of the region in 2013.

On October 17th, American-backed Kurdish and Syrian forces took back the city of Raqqa, which was the last major urban stronghold for ISIS and was, up until this point, considered the de-facto capital for ISIS in Syria.

US Central Command says that over 90% of the city has been taken from ISIS, and the New York Times reported that soldiers and residents could be seen dancing and firing off celebratory gunfire.

As US-backed Kurdish forces have finally liberated this area from ISIS’ dark reign of terror, the emotional display of gratitude of one woman is going viral.

While Raqqa was under ISIS control, women were ordered to wear burkas and subject to frequent inspections from ISIS police teams. The stories of the sex slavery and rape Yadizi women were subject to is horrific.

This woman greets her Kurdish liberators with obvious elation, stopping to pray for them and then dramatically ripping off her black burka to reveal her beautiful leopard-print dress underneath, a move which would have most likely cost her her life a few weeks ago.

The unbelievable joy and gratitude displayed by this woman only seek to underscore just how miserable life was under ISIS. As leftists in the West try to convince themselves they are still oppressed in the freest country that has ever existed, America, these Yazidi have experienced true oppression, and it too the support of America to end this horrific reign.

This massive earthly victory over ISIS is a comfort to the persecuted church the world over. Kurdish forces have largely subdued Islamic forces in Syria, but Christ has already given us eternal victory over the evil that drives these brutal killers.

O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory? (1 Cor 15:55)