Prayers Answered: Once Conjoined Twins Celebrate First Birthday Apart


Once-conjoined twin girls Eva and Erika Sandoval just celebrated their first birthday since they underwent a miracle surgery to separate them. The twin girls turned three on Saturday, and their parents are jubilant.

“It’s a big deal for both of us,” said Aida Sandoval, the girls’s mother. “Being at the hospital, I can’t picture anything but getting the girls healthy.”

Born conjoined at the chest, the girls at 2-years-old underwent a risky surgery to separate. After 17 hours, with a team of 50 doctors at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford, they were successfully separated.

““They said they would never be able to sit down, they were still in the hospital when they sat,” said Arturo Sandoval, the girls’s father.

The girls’s miraculous recovery was celebrated at their birthday party with friends and family.

“To know that they were going to have separate individual lives, it was such an amazing prayer that was answered,” Eva and Erika’s at-home nurse told CBS13.

Aida Sandoval was emotional talking about her girls.

“They are missing one leg, but they are normal. As normal as they can be. To us, they are perfect…The amazing moments are those moments when they start to get up on the couch, when they get up on the little horsey they just got. It’s the little things,” Aida said. “I actually cry when I see them hugging each other.”