PLOT TWIST: Pregnancy Rates MUCH Higher Among Gay & Lesbian Youth

Youth (aged 14-19) who identify as gay or lesbian are reportedly two to seven times more likely to partake in straight sex resulting in pregnancy than their heterosexual counterparts.


As Glenn T. Stanton writes for The Federalist, the ‘two to seven’ figure comes from a study conducted by researchers with the University of South Carolina and George Mason University.

The study authors hypothesize that the higher number of pregnancies among gay youth could be “partially explained by factors such as a greater number and greater turnover of sexual partners” as well as early involvement in sexual activities and “discomfort” with their non-heterosexual status.

But the matter of higher pregnancy rates isn’t limited to gay youth.

Adults fall into the same boat.

Stanton goes on to cite another study – the first ever to look at pregnancy rates among lesbian adults – published in Women’s Health Issues which found that not only are pregnancy rates significantly higher among lesbian adults; abortion rates are double.

These statistics undoubtedly raise a number of questions.

Proponents of the LGBTQ lifestyle have consistently made a point of attacking those opposed to it by insisting that homosexuality is biologically hardwired into certain individuals, leaving no possibility for straightness.

But surely this can’t be the case if individuals who identify as gay or lesbian are actually having more straight sex than heterosexuals.

As The Federalist’s Stanton puts it, “could it be that being lesbian or gay is not quite as absolute or fixed as gender theorists want us to believe?”

Stanton goes on to hit the nail right on the head when he asks, “what’s going on in the emotional lives of these individuals that has them behaving in such a hyper-sexualized manner?”

“What emptiness are they seeking to fill? Their own dignity and well-being demands honest investigation, free of ideological assumptions.”

In other words, we need to start having honest discussions about homosexuality.

One could argue that American society has spent so much time lately affirming every decision youth make concerning sexuality.

Parents are supporting their small children who wish to dress up as or even convert to the opposite gender without paying attention to the very real issues causing this behavior – the same issues that result in such a high number of pregnancies and abortions among homosexual youth and even adults.

Check out the video below to see The Activist Mommy tackle the identity crisis currently plaguing our youth and society.

Please take a moment to pray for those in the LGBT community, that they might wake up and realize the solidity of their lifestyle is merely a myth perpetuated by those who wish to bind them in their lives of sin.

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