Pregnant Ole Miss Student Allegedly Murdered by Boyfriend After Refusing to Get an Abortion


Abortion is an evil and vile practice that involves the murder of innocent life. Thanks to the left’s obsession with death, it’s become nothing more than birth control in our society—something to be casually done when pregnancy just doesn’t fit into your schedule or plans. This mentality devalues human life and permits people to live like there are no consequences for their behavior.

Recently, a 21-year-old University of Mississippi student paid the ultimate price because of her refusal to get an abortion at the behest of her former boyfriend.

Alexandria “Ally” Kostial was found dead on July 20 near Harmontown, Mississippi. Authorities reported she had been shot 8 times. After investigating, police arrested fellow University of Mississippi student Brandon Theesfeld on July 22. Friends of Kostial have come out and said they suspect Theesfeld killed her because she was pregnant with his child and refused to have an abortion.

Theesfeld, who is 22 years old, has been charged with Kostial’s murder and is currently being held at the Lafayette County Detention Center in Oxford, Mississippi.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, one of Kostial’s friends said, “Her sorority sisters knew she was pregnant and that she had told Brandon. He was really upset about it, that it would ruin his life and his future.”

Fear of ruining one’s future is one of the biggest reasons why women seek abortions, exposing the true selfishness of the procedure. So, why don’t grown adults consider the implications on their future of having unprotected sex before they engage in it? It doesn’t feel good to abstain or deny ourselves bodily pleasures. It’s much more gratifying to have sex with whoever we want, whenever we want and deal with the consequences later. That’s the modern, progressive, postmodern way.

Kostial refused to have an abortion and her ex-boyfriend would not accept that despite the fact that he had no problem having unprotected sex with her.

“He was really mad that she wouldn’t get an abortion,” the Daily Mail source said, adding, “She was like, ‘No, I don’t believe in that.’” It turns out he was going to end the pregnancy by murder one way or another and took matters into his own hands.

How tragic. 

The obvious irony is that now his future, which he was so concerned about, is completely ruined. Now, instead of working a high-paying job, buying a fancy house, or taking exotic vacations, he’ll be sitting in a jail cell. He probably thought he would get away with it considering the number of abortionists that get away with murder in this country every day.

This case just exemplifies the overwhelming need to reaffirm the value of human life by reversing Roe v. Wade. Abortion is not just about doing away with pesky, unwanted pregnancies. It’s an entire mindset and it has permeated American culture. We are being desensitized to death and led to believe, with the encouragement of leftist politicians and activists, that murdering unborn babies is totally fine because we have futures and plans to worry about. It’s sick and twisted.

Now, a young girl and her unborn baby who had promising futures have been murdered thanks to the idea that our own personal desires, plans, and pursuits trump the very lives of others. We have to continue to stand against abortion and the death culture of the left. All human life has value and is worth defending.


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