President Biden Says Pope Told Him He’s A “Good Catholic,” Says He Can Keep Taking Communion


President Joe Biden told reporters this weekend after meeting with Pope Francis that he’s been reassured he is a “good Catholic” and that he ought to continue to receive communion from the church.

This comes following frequent calls from Catholic leaders over the last year that adamantly pro-abortion politicians like Biden ought to be denied communion over their support for an act that is considered to be murder by the Holy See.

Pope Francis’ reported reassurance that the president should indeed partake in the Catholic sacrament came during a private meeting between the two men as President Biden visited Rome on Saturday.

The American president told reporters afterward that the topic of abortion itself did not arise, however, saying simply that they had “talked about the fact he was happy that I was a good Catholic and I should keep receiving Communion.”

The Vatican, for its part, would not comment on the conversation which it said through a spokesperson was “private.”

According to Alberto Melloni, a Roman church historian, Biden’s reported confirmation from the pope nonetheless signals strongly to the church where Francis lies on the matter of pro-abortion politicians taking communion following several strong statements from American Bishops to the contrary.

“A very strong choice,” Melloni told The New York Times, adding that “the pope wanted people to know, and he wanted the American bishops not to take that path” of denying politicians communion.

However, Bishop Michael F. Olson of the Diocese of Fort Worth disagreed.

“The president is relating his version of events, which happen to serve his partisan agenda and seem a little self-aggrandizing,” he told the newspaper.

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