President of Brazil to Remove LGBT Influence from Public Schools


While many governments are kowtowing to the demands of the LGBT mob, there are some leaders who have decided to boldly put their foot down and return to truth and tradition.

One such leader is the newly elected Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro. Back in February of this year, he announced his plan to “revise textbooks in public schools and eliminate references to homosexuality, same-sex ‘marriage,’ and violence against women.”

LifeSite News reports:

There are also proposals to give the military control of some public schools. Once Bolsonaro took office, the Ministry of Education issued new guidelines for textbook publishers that erased references to gender ideology and sexism. The ministry also eliminated its diversity department.

On the eve of his Jan. 1 inauguration, Bolsonaro tweeted his intentions. “One of the goals to get Brazil out of the worst positions in international education rankings is to combat the Marxist rubbish that has spread in educational institutions.” Education Minister Ricardo Velez Rodriguez vowed in his inaugural speech to end the “aggressive promotion of the gender ideology.”

If only the leaders in the US would be so determined to restore morality and traditional values here. What a glorious day it would be!

President Bolsonaro is only doing what any leader should do: representing the majority in his country, the majority that is often too afraid to speak out for fear of public backlash and violent threats. Just like in America, they take their voices to the ballot box only to see their elected representatives cower in fear of the minority opposition. Bolsonaro is ensuring that is not the case in Brazil.

Back in January, a poll published by Datafolha revealed that out of 2,077 Brazilian evangelical Christians interviewed, 59 percent “did not approve of sex education being discussed at school.” 

Catholics and evangelical Christians provide major support for Bolsonaro and his government and he is responding to that support by taking a strong stance for righteousness. What is the point of electing officials if they aren’t going to actually represent us when they take office?

Of course, Bolsonaro’s stance isn’t without resistance. Brazil’s teachers’ unions are reportedly pushing back against his efforts to reform the country’s educational establishments and to do away with the teachings of gender confusion and dangerous LGBT lifestyles. The teachers’ unions are strong proponents of the influence and legacy of progressive, leftist Paulo Freire. 

According to LifeSite News, “Freire, who died in 1997, was a founder of critical pedagogy. His work has been criticized for challenging traditional institutions, such as church and family, that intermediate between the state and individuals. Critical pedagogy asserts that teaching is inherently political and that the goal of education is political action and social critique.” It certainly sounds like many of the teachers’ unions in America have adopted the Freire philosophy on state education also.

Bolsonaro is taking a stand against this blatant overreach of the government in public education. During his presidential campaign last year, he stated he would like to go into “the Ministry of Education with a flamethrower to remove Paulo Freire.” It’s inspiring to see a world leader taking such a strong stance against an ideology that has been so damaging and destructive to societies around the world.

LifeSite notes:

Education Minister Velez Rodriguez has said that not only schools but family and church are threatened by what he called a “crazy globalist wave.” Last week, he denounced his countrymen’s misbehavior while traveling outside of the country, telling Veja magazine, “Our kids and teenagers must receive citizenship education, which teaches how to act according to the law and morality.”

Amen!! We need to return to the good, old-fashioned Biblical principles. As Sergio Borriello, a powerful Brazilian businessman, put it, “I think maybe Brazil needs a little less ideology and more pragmatism going forward.” The same could be said of the US. 

We must pray that our elected officials will take note of the boldness and courage of the President of Brazil and take a stand against the efforts of the LGBT mob to completely corrupt all aspects of society.


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