President of Poland Compares LGBT Ideology To Soviet-Style Propaganda


In a Saturday campaign speech, Polish President Andrzej Duda compared LGBT boldly pointed out the similarities between the ideology of the LGBT movement and Soviet-style communism.

According to Reuters, the incumbent President Duda is an ally of the ruling nationalist Law and Justice Party (PiS), which denounces the advancement of the LGBT cause as a foreign influence seeking to undermine the traditional values of the staunchly Catholic country.

Last week, Duda introduced a “Family Card” of election proposals, vowing to prohibit gay marriage and adoption and the teaching of LGBT issues in Polish schools.

“My parents’ generation for forty years fought to eliminate communist ideology from schools, so it couldn’t be forced on children. So youth, children, soldiers, and youth organizations couldn’t be indoctrinated,” Duda said at a rally in the southwestern town of Brzeg. “They didn’t fight for this so that a new ideology would appear that is even more destructive.”

For his part, Duda has alleged that Reuters and other news outlets have taken his words out of context, declaring that he believes in “diversity and equality.”

“At the same time,” Duda went on, “beliefs of any minority cannot be imposed on a majority under the false pretense of tolerance. In our times Truth has become a scared little creature that hides from much stronger Correctness.”

“I believe in the world, where truths, such as MeToo, can have a safe platform. Where we can speak our mind, where words are not twisted,” the president concluded. “I believe in tolerance to any views, so please stop distributing fake news.”

Hear, hear!

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