President Trump Calls For Virginia, Minnesota, and Michigan To Be “Liberated” From Lockdowns


With several states taking measures to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus that have been deemed draconian and oppressive, President Donald Trump signaled his support of anti-lockdown protesters in Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia.

The president wrote a handful of tweets calling for the “liberation” of all three states on Friday, with emphasis on Virginia to save its “great 2nd amendment,” which is “under siege.”

The tweets came days after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed a slew of new gun restrictions that will increase background checks, limit handgun purchases, and establish “red flag” laws, according to USA Today.

Earlier in the week, Northam announced extended business closures in the state, calling on Virginians to get used what he called a “new normal.”

Trump’s tweet of solidarity also follows Operation Gridlock, an event during which Michigan motorists flooded the streets of Lansing to protest Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s stringent stay-at-home order.

In Minnesota, hundreds of protesters gathered in St. Paul for a “Liberate Minnesota” demonstration outside Gov. Tim Walz’s mansion, according to local news reports.

President Trump defended his tweets at the daily White House press briefing Friday evening, stating that “elements” of some state regulations were “just too tough.”

According to NBC News, Trump told reporters that he felt “very comfortable” with his tweets and that the protesters are “expressing their views” and “they seem to be very responsible people to me, you know, they’ve been treated a little bit rough.”

Unsurprisingly, President Trump was sharply criticized and accused of fomenting protest and even violence against the governors of each state.

“Trump is calling for militia members to attack Virginia,” tweeted Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah. “Trump is inciting not just violence but a civil war.”

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington stated that President Trump’s tweets “encourage illegal and dangerous acts,” declaring that the president was “putting millions of people in danger of contracting Covid-19.”

“His unhinged rantings and calls for people to ‘liberate’ states could also lead to violence,” Gov. Inslee added. “We’ve seen it before.”

Thus far, Gov. Inslee’s words are an inaccurate depiction of anti-lockdown protests. As such events continue to spread across the nation, reports indicate that participants remain peaceful and, in most instances, even respectfully follow social distancing guidelines.

“The vast majority of us stayed in our vehicles or made sure to stay at least six feet away from anyone passing,” said Matt Jonker, a Michigan resident and Operation Gridlock attendee in a Facebook post. “I didn’t see anyone even shaking hands or touching each other. This means those protesting are being respectful of the desire not to spread this virus.”

“Michigan state police have confirmed there was ONE arrest made all day, for a confrontation between protestors,” Jonker added. “No violence, no vandalism, not even rudeness. Just pure frustrated classiness from Pure Michigan.”

If Virginia’s massive Second Amendment rally earlier this year is any indication, anti-lockdown protestors will likely continue to exercise their First Amendment right to assemble, and they’ll continue to do so peaceably.

President Trump hears these frustrated citizens. We pray that their governors will as well.

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