President Trump Says Black Lives Matter Is A “Marxist” Group, “Not Looking for Good Things for Our Country”


One of the many things that voters love about President Donald Trump is his shameless bluntness in the face of a culture that holds Americans hostage to the cult of political correctness.

For all his flaws, and even the times his bluntness goes too far, no one can deny that Trump speaks for millions of Americans who have been bullied into silence and his honesty is refreshing.

In an excellent example of such bluntness, Trump denounced the far-left group Black Lives Matters as a “Marxist” organization that is “not looking for good things for our country.”

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday morning, President Trump recalled that the group got its start “Marching down the street screaming ‘pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon.”

“They were talking about policemen and women…It’s a Marxist group that is not looking for good things for our country and now I see these leagues all kneeling down,” he explained.

This is something that Elizabeth Johnston has long been saying about the group, which many feel pressured to agree with simply because their name is the objectively true statement that “black lives matter.”

And as we have reported, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter said during a trained interview that those behind the group are “trained Marxists.”

The President expanded on his disappointment to see so many professional athletes kneeling during the National Anthem with the full support of their teams after his administration worked with the leagues to resume delayed sports seasons due to the coronavirus.

“We have to stand up for our anthem,” he said, “and a lot of people agree with me. Hey, if I am wrong, then I am going to lose an election and that’s OK with me. I am always going to stand for our country and flag.”

Earlier this week, we wrote about the very bold NBA player who became the first member of an NBA team to stand during the National Anthem rather than kneel with his teammates.

“I feel like for me, black lives are supported through the gospel,” Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac said of his decision to stand.

“All lives are supported through the gospel. That we all, like I said, have things that we do wrong … we all fall short of God’s glory, and that at the end of the day, whoever will humble themselves and see God and repent of their sins, that we could see it in a different light … see people’s evil in a different light … it would help bring us closer together, and get past skin color, get past anything that’s on the surface that doesn’t really deal with the hearts of men and women.”

President Trump is right to call Black Lives Matter out for being Marxist. Their ideology is completely contrary to both our nation’s founding ideals and the objective truth of the Gospel.

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