President Trump Sends Teen Boy Signed MAGA Hat After He Was Mercilessly Bullied


A teenage supporter of President Donald Trump received the gift of a lifetime after being mercilessly bullied at school for his “Make America Great Again” hat: a MAGA hat signed by the president himself.

As we reported earlier this week, the boy was the recipient of a flood of support across the world after a video of him being assaulted in school for his pro-Trump hat and patriotic clothing went viral.

The video reached hordes of viewers thanks to The Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks, who sought information about the horrendous incident.

It features the boy, 15-year-old Braxton McElhaney, standing firm and refusing to retaliate while a pair of girls attack him and steal his MAGA hat.

Braxton and his mother, Meshyalah, told Fairbanks that one of the girls had ripped an American flag-printed mask off of his face and ran to throw it away in the girls’ bathroom. She then came back, determined to steal his hat.

At the time, we reported:

“Give me my f****** hat,” the boy shouts, attempting to retrieve his hat from the violent thief. While he and the girl struggle over the MAGA hat, a second female student smacks him in the face.

“Boy, I’m gonna knock you in your f****** mouth, let go of this f****** hat right f****** now,” the first girl screams at him. “You wanna support Trump, I’m gonna knock you in the f****** teeth! I’ma knock you in the f****** teeth.”

The girl spits on him, faces the camera, then spits on him again.

“How you like that? You my little b****, huh? You my little b****,” she rants. “You my little b****, huh? Yeah, cuz it looks like it. My spit is on your face.”

The video then zooms in on the young man, his face covered with his assailant’s spit.

Not yet satisfied with her attack, the first girl dares the boy to hit her.

“I was f****** raised right,” he responds. “I don’t f****** hit a little girl.”

McElhaney told Fairbanks that the girl in the red shirt is going to be charged with a felony and the other will be facing charges and that both girls were promptly expelled.

Not only did Braxton get swift justice in the form of his assailants being held accountable, but the brave young man also received a new and improved hat straight from the Oval Office.

“All thanks to President Donald Trump for the support all the way from the White House,” Braxton told Fairbanks.

“We are overwhelmed by the support & love we have received from around the world,” his mother chimed in. “We never would have thought it would have made it all the way to the President. Thank you all who made this happen.”

The McElhaneys also launched a GoFundMe campaign in order to take Braxton “on a special trip or do something nice for him” to reward his courage. The campaign surpassed its original $1,000 goal, hitting nearly $30,000 in just a matter of days.

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