Prestigious British Boarding School Will Soon Allow Boys In Girls’ Dorms If They Utter This Simple Phrase


Great Britain’s prestigious and competitive boarding schools are a cultural institution in the UK, but, like so many other cultural institutions, they are drowning in the culture war.

The UK seems to be on fire with absolute gender insanity, from gender-neutral uniforms to gender-neutral passports to outright refusals to allow researchers to explore the very real regret transgender people experience.

The gender-insane left has just won a victory at Gordon’s School in Woking, Surrey, an elite boarding school that boasts Queen Elizabeth II herself as a patron.

The Daily Mail reports that the school will now be allowing boys to wear skirts, be called “xie”, use their new gender-neutral bathrooms and, if they so choose, sleep in the girl’s dorms, all for simply saying they identify as a girl.

The school’s deputy head, Rob Parvis, is quite pleased with this forward-thinking move, sharing that they’ve already allowed boys to wear makeup, be addressed by girls names, and attend the prom in dresses.

“Parents of pupils were surprised by how open-minded we have been. Most schools are having these issues” he says.

Another school, Frensham Heights in Farnham, has also allowed a girl who was “unsure about her gender” to sleep in the boys’ dorm, which sounds like a horrible idea, mostly for the girl herself.

This is a sickness, and it’s spreading. Since there is a legitimate neurological condition called gender dysphoria that typically afflicts a minuscule portion of the population, has no cure, and is rarely helped by “transitioning,” this boom of transgenderism is either a sick passing trend or a legitimate mental health crisis, and either way, co-ed boarding schools might not be the best place to let it run its very UN-natural course.

The Daily Mail reports that “Increasing numbers of children are today questioning their gender identity, with more than 2,000 under 18s having been referred to the Gender Identity Clinic in Tavistock, London, compared to just 100 eight years ago.”

This is outrageous! How many of these children are genuinely questioning their gender identity and how many are simply being led by the whims of their parents of society? Let’s not forget that poor little boy who was forced to live as a girl for several years before being removed from her care–that happened in the UK as well.

It is time to take action and to encourage our brothers and sisters across the pond to stand up and say enough is enough! How many more children need to be exposed to this psychologically damaging trend before they’re all confused about their gender?