Priests for Life Holds Day of Mourning for Baby Killed By Abortion NPR Recorded and Aired

Photo by American Life League Some Rights Reserved

Priests for Life held a Day of Mourning over the weekend for a baby that was killed in an abortion captured in audio recording and aired to NPR listeners last month.

The pro-life group called for prayer, fasting, and commemoration for the child whose life was terminated in the news segment, whom they christened “Amanda Marie,” which means “she who ought to be loved.”

The NPR segment featuring the shocking audio had been recorded in Michigan just days before the November 8 election that would see voters affirm a measure to codify abortion in the state constitution.

Reporter Katie Wells spoke with several women at the Northland Family Planning clinic in Sterling, Michigan, including an unnamed mother who was there to abort her 11-week-old baby.

NPR then aired recordings of the vacuum being used to expel the baby’s body, the mother moaning, and staffers encouraging her to “keep breathing.”

When the abortion is over, provider Audrey Lance could be heard telling the woman, “You did it!”

As Priests for Life pointed out, no one involved in the procedure mentioned the life of the unborn child during NPR’s segment.

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The group accused the public radio station of having “missed something” when it failed to “describe what was removed from this woman.”

In an open letter, Priests for Life wrote, “shame on you, NPR, for airing the brutal murder of a Baby in the womb,” as well as “May God have mercy on your soul!”

The group also noted that since NPR receives government funding, “that you used taxpayers dollars for such an atrocity makes it even worse)!”

However, a more compassionate tone was struck in the portion of the letter that addressed the mother whose baby was killed in the procedure.

“Dearest Mother, our hearts go out to you, our hearts weep for you, and your Child. We know that you were already in a difficult place interiorly to even consider abortion and, now, having ended the life of your Child, you are most surely in an even darker, more difficult place (and, if you do not recognize that yet, dear Mother, in due time, if you are honest, you will realize that you are hurting, deeply hurting),” the letter read.

“As many women who have had abortions have said, abortion does not merely hurt women, it destroys them.”

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