Primary Schools Celebrate Trans People, Silence Complaints


If you ever want to see what could possibly be coming down the pike for us here in America — so long as our country continues to be inspired by liberalism — look no further than Britain and the UK.

Liberals just love all of the progressive socialism these countries shove down the throats of their citizens, particularly in the realm of education. If you think things are bad here in that area — they very much are — wait until you see what’s happening there.

Apparently, in the UK, the National Association of Head Teachers has released new government supported guidelines demanding primary schools to stock their libraries and resource centers with literature “celebrating” transgender people, and are blocking complaints that oppose the LGBT agenda.

Breitbart is reporting:

The document was specifically drawn up to advise schools on how best to make transgender staff, “students”, and pupils with transgender parents “feel positively represented in lesson content and welcomed in the school environment”.

“Primary school leaders may want to ensure books featuring trans parents or celebrating gender identity and difference are included in the curriculum,” states the guidance, which is expected to be rolled out at primaries across the UK.

Schools should also “clearly communicate” their “commitment to equality and inclusion”, in newsletters and on social media, “with specific mention made” of transgender issues, according to the guidelines, in which primaries are also advised to force parents and pupils to sign a “detailed contract of inclusivity”.

‘The role of school leaders” in advancing the trans agenda in schools, the NAHT tells its members, involves “forbidding complaints (or fear of complaints) from parents, governors or staff members to interfere with their commitment to an inclusive school environment.”

This absurdity is, unfortunately, only the beginning.

This same document also instructs teachers to make sure that classroom dress codes are “modified to avoid gender stereotypes,” warning them not to have uniform lists feature items that might be specific for boys and girls, but those that can be worn by both.

One of the reasons why this is so absurd is because the population of transgender folk in the UK is much the same as it is here in the United States, which is to say it’s extremely miniscule. Why, then, is such a small percentage of the population being given so much power and being afforded more political protection and rights than the average person?

It doesn’t make any sense. In reality, all this is about is keeping certain kinds of politicians in power and undermining traditional values in order to accomplish those ends.

To block complaints about these new rules is to say that anyone who has an opinion that is against the LGBT agenda is wrong and their thoughts, beliefs, and values are not valid. It’s silencing someone’s free speech and attempting to force them to accept a lifestyle choice they might deem to be immoral. In short, it’s intolerant.

What’s truly terrifying is if we do not reverse course, this is the kind of thing we’ll see right here in our own school systems, and that day is not too far off.