Pro-Abort Grandmas in Maine Form Group to Promote Aborting Grandkids


A group of grandmothers in Maine is causing quite a stir for a little group they’ve formed “GRR!” which advocates for their children and grandchildren to have the right to abort any further progeny.

According to, GRR!, or “Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights,” seeks to “educate women at the local level about the pro-abortion agenda, and encourage women to speak with their local government officials about supporting abortion and other reproductive health issues.”

About 40 grandmothers participate in GRR!, according to a report from Free Press.

The group was founded by Judy Kahrl, who was inspired after a trip to Africa where she noticed many young women were postponing family and childbearing for education and career.

She said that she noticed in American society, where abortion is more common, the “pro-choice” crowd remains largely silent, and so she decided to start GRR!

One might recommend Judy follow the news a little more closely if she thinks the “pro-choice” crowd is silent.

“Abortion is a sticking point for many because it has become connected to religion,” Kahrl told the Free Press. “It’s not a religious issue. It’s not a Republican or Democratic issue. Reproductive freedom is a human rights issue.”

She is of course, correct. Abortion is a human rights issue.

She’s the one who thinks that unborn humans have no rights.

LifeNews goes on to note that Kahrl has an interesting family history, one that links back to the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger:

Kahrl’s father, Dr. Clarence Gamble, associated with Procter and Gamble, graduated from Harvard Medical School, and later his practice delved into women’s health issues including birth control advocacy, according to the New Maine Times.

Gamble was “good friends” with Margaret Sanger, the founder of the Planned Parenthood abortion business, according to the report. He founded a grassroots organization called “Pathfinder International” devoted to international reproductive health education, including the promotion of abortion. Judy Kahrl sometimes accompanied her father on these trips, the report continued.

Kahrl is of a generation when being pro-abortion was still “revolutionary.” Now it is becoming less common, as scientific advances and the unrelenting dedication of pro-life activists helps us to better understand the realities of abortion and the humanity of unborn life in the womb.

Kahrl lives in a fantasy world where women are left barefoot and pregnant in kitchens, she needs to wake up to the 21st Century, where more and more young women, with all the opportunities and privileges afforded them in our prosperous nation, are choosing life for their babies or to abstain from irresponsible sexual behavior as they pursue their education.

No one needs to make a choice between murder and the life they want. Choosing life for any child is always the right thing to do.

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