Pro-Abortion Activists Deploy Unmarked Vans to Sell $350 Abortion Pills on Colorado’s Border


Abortion activists are working to quietly deliver abortion pills to women along the Colorado border who might be meeting them from states where abortion has been panned, according to a recent glowing report by NPR.

They are tactfully deploying unmarked vans to deliver the $350 abortion pill regimen, which they agree to administer after only a brief “telemedicine” appointment with women and girls — apparently of any age.

“It doesn’t have any signage on it,” Dr. Julie Amaon, medical director of the group Just The Pill, told NPR of their vans, or “mobile clinics.”

“We’re not trying to tell people what we’re doing to keep patients safe because we know that even in more protected states like Colorado, there are still lots of people that don’t agree with what we’re doing,” she said.

Women who come from states across the West and the Midwest, such as Montana, Minnesota, and Wyoming, can meet Just the Pill’s unmarked van at various locations along Colorado’s border.

“We try to get to as close to the patients as possible, depending on what method they’re coming in,” Dr. Amaon said. “Are they coming in by bus, by car, by plane? And so that gives us some more flexibility to move around and meet patients where they are.”

Just the Pill gives women the chemical abortion regimen, which is a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol and accounts for over half the abortions in the United States, LifeNews notes.

Although the Obama administration stopped requiring the FDA report non-fatal complications with mifepristone, the pro-life outlet points to studies showing that as many as 1 in 17 women in the UK required hospitalization after taking the abortion drugs and that the number emergency room visits following a chemical abortion increased by 500 percent between 2003 and 2015, according to Medicaid data.

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