Inside The Secret Pro-Abortion Agenda Being Pushed By Environmental Groups

What’s the link between abortion and environmentalism? Nothing, except somehow liberals have conflated the two and now top environmental organizations are coming out as “pro-choice” and in support of abortion.


LifeSiteNews is blowing the lid off the whole environmental-abortion collusion. They even obtained a letter written by several top environmental groups trying to keep Congress from cutting funding to Planned Parenthood.

Alaska Wilderness League, Green For All, Green Latinos, League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, Oil Change International, Safe Climate Campaign, Sierra Club, and The Climate Reality Project were the firms behind the letter.

These activist groups are not alone.

Greenpeace has previously pushed abortion in a blog post on their website too.

Next Gen Climate actually partnered with NARAL, a pro-abortion group, to spread a petition saying “Everyone should be able to decide if, when, and how they start or grow a family.”

On Next Gen Climate’s activism page you can also find Planned Parenthood events across the country. In an interview with Tucker Carlson the Executive Director of The Sierra Club put it bluntly – Sierra Club is pro-choice.

Watch the Executive Director of The Sierra Club try to defend abortion to Tucker Carlson:

In a blog post from 2013 Greenpeace pushes sex education, “gender equality,” and abortion while talking about fighting “cultural resistance”…

The U.N. is correct to focus on these measures, but to be successful, the U.N. must be willing to confront cultural resistance with education. The Cairo conference recognized the need for comprehensive population policies that include family planning, gender equality, and sex education for both young women and men. However, they also noted that such policies will conflict with cultural habits. The Cairo conference recognized that practices such as abortion should be treated as a public health issue to ensure safe motherhood.

While caring for this beautiful planet God has given us is incredibly important, we need to be careful about which organizations we support in our effort to do so.

Let this information serve as a reminder about the importance of looking into what advocacy groups – in all areas – really support before venturing out in support of them