Pro-Abortion Terror Group Jane’s Revenge Declares “Open Season” on Pregnancy Centers


The radical pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge, which has taken responsibility for a number of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and other facilities, has declared “open season” on the facilities that support women who choose to carry their babies to term rather than abort them.

The group has also vowed a “night of rage” on the occasion that Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Last month after the unprecedented leak of a draft SCOTUS opinion indicating the high court will vote to overturn the 1973 ruling, a Wisconsin pro-life activist group’s offices were firebombed, an attack which Jane’s Revenge subsequently claimed responsibility for.

Since then, the group has claimed responsibility for other attacks, including the firebombing of a pregnancy resource center in Buffalo, New York and acts of vandalism against a pro-life pregnancy center and two churches in Oregon.

Another pregnancy center in Oregon was also apparently targeted in a similar attack.

In a communique on an anarchist website this week, Jane’s Revenge wrote that they “work in countless locations invisibly,” listing the locations “Madison WI, Ft. Collins CO, Reisertown MA, Olympia WA, Des Moines IA, Lynwood WA, Washington DC, Ashville NC, Buffalo NY, Hollywood FL, Vancouver WA, Frederick MA, Denton TX, Gresham OR, Eugene OR, Portland OR, among others.”

Having previously declared that pro-life pregnancy centers had “30 days” to close their doors or else face the wrath of the group’s underground cells, Jane’s Revenge declared that “We were unsurprised to see thirty days come and thirty days pass with no sign of consilience or even bare-minimum self-reflection from you who impersonate healthcare providers in order to harm the vulnerable.”

“Your thirty days expired yesterday. We offered an honourable way out. You could have walked away. Now the leash is off. And we will make it as hard as possible for your campaign of oppression to continue. We have demonstrated in the past month how easy and fun it is to attack,” they continued.

“We are versatile, we are mercurial, and we answer to no one but ourselves. We promised to take increasingly drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures. Rest assured that we will, and those measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti,” the group threatened.

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Promising that any group that closed would “no longer be a target,” the communique then declared “open season” on those which do not.

“We will never stop, back down, slow down, or retreat. We did not want this; but it is upon us, and so we must deal with it proportionally,” they stated in conclusion, in part.

In the first attack Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility for, the vandal scrawled “if abortion isn’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

On May 31, another communique from the group vowed to organize a “Night of Rage” on the occasion that the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, as it is expected to do.

“Consider this your call to action,” the message to fellow pro-aborts read, as reported by Live Action.

“On the night the final ruling is issued — a specific date we cannot yet predict, but we know is arriving imminently — we are asking for courageous hearts to come out after dark,” it continued.

“Whoever you are and wherever you are, we are asking for you to do what you can to make your anger known.”

Pro-abortion protest has been increasingly violent and obscene in recent weeks, with questionably legal demonstrations being held outside the homes of the high court’s conservative justices.

Last week, a man was arrested for attempting to break into the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh with the allegedly stated intent to kill him. That same evening, the radical pro-abortion group which originally doxxed Kavanaugh’s home address held another protest outside the family home.

Meanwhile, other activists have interrupted church services to loudly protest in favor of abortion. In one recent case, some women stripped down naked while shouting “my body my choice.”

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