NRA-Endorsed, Pro-God, Pro-Gun Movie “The Reliant” to Hit Theaters One Night Only Thursday


We need to tell you about an incredible film which will be shown in select theatres across the nation for one night only this Thursday, October 24th.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably gotten sick and tired of all the anti-Christian, progressive garbage that Hollywood produces each year.

And if it’s not the godless smut or blatant propaganda the films contain, the actors and directors themselves make abundantly clear to much how the resent our faith, our rights, and our values.

Meanwhile, Americans are looking for films that truly reflect our values, and the upcoming “The Reliant” is exactly what we need.

Produced by J.P. Johnston, Elizabeth Johnston the Activist Mommy’s husband, this film depicts not only the importance of our sacred Second Amendment rights but the faith on which our nation was founded as well, in a chilling post-disaster scenario in which the principal characters must rely on both to keep their family together.

Elizabeth writes:

“The Reliant” was even endorsed by the NRA! It is certainly not every day that the NRA endorses faith-based pictures and it is incredibly significant that they were so supportive of this important film.

As Sorbo explained to the Fox & Friends audience on Monday morning, this film does not have the $100 million advertising budget like “The Avengers” or “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

As you can imagine, Hollywood’s wealthy elite producers have no interest in backing a picture that so boldly celebrates two of the things they detest the most: God and gun rights!

So this film, which has won 18 first place film festival awards, will be in theatres for one night only, October 24th, this Thursday.

You can visit The Reliant movie website to locate the nearest theatre showing the film and purchase your tickets.

The growing industry of faith-based, patriotic films needs your support, and this is one film that you won’t regret seeing in theatres. We just know you’re going to love it!